This is it, after 6 months of work, 0.21 is now officially published 🎉

Have a look at for a quick summary of the changes included in this release, or dive into the full changelog ;)

This release codename is "Agate", to thank her, for both having created the Funkwhale project, being the current lead developer, and for her courage of coming out.

Thank you Agate from all the members of the Funkwhale community ❤️

We are truly grateful as well to the dozens of people who contributed to this release with translations, development, documentation, reviews, design, testing, feedback, financial support, third-party projects and integrations… You made it possible!

Thank you annando, Anton Strömkvist, Audrey, ButterflyOfFire, Ciarán Ainsworth, Creak, Daniele Lira Mereb, dashie, Eloisa, eorn, Francesc Galí, gerhardbeck, GinnyMcQueen, guillermau, Haelwenn, jinxx, Jonathan Aylard, Keunes, M.G, marzzzello, Mathé Grievink, Mélanie Chauvel, Mjourdan, Morgan Kesler, Noe Gaumont, Noureddine HADDAG, Ollie, Peter Wickenberg, Quentin PAGÈS, Renon, Satsuki Yanagi, Shlee, SpcCw, techknowlogick, ThibG, Tony Wasserka, unklebonehead, wakest, wxcafé, Xaloc, Xosé M, and everyone else we may have forgot


In addition to the changelog, you can also browse our updated documentation at to understand how new features work!

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