We've been quite bad at monitoring comments and suggestions from our translators. Do you want to help with that?

We're looking for people willing configure their notifications on weblate to review translation comments and suggestions, and:

- Approve / refuse those
- Open bug reports or ping devs when typos or issues are found in source strings

This will help us to improve the overall quality of our translations!

All info is available at, thank you!

@funkwhale On 3.7 there's this new dedicated tab for "Administred Projects" and admins.

@funkwhale May I suggest to upgrade to 3.7 as a first step then add a Yandex key, Glosbe and or MyMemory MT on the plateform to help translators a little bit :) especially for someone lazy like me ;)

@funkwhale The second suggestion is to allow some of the contributors to upload Funkwhale screenshots on the translation platform and link them accordingly to the strings to translate.
I can do that if you want : it time consuming but I have all the time until ... death ;)

@funkwhale This can be done by creating a group and allow the right roles for dedicated users inside that group. Example :

@ButterflyOfFire screenshot management should be available now to all reviewers, I'm now double checking the email thing

@funkwhale Yes I agree, one user is sufficient for that task, since translators can check on the Funkwhale's demo website where the string to translate is located 👍🎉

May be it is okay to put 2 screenshots on the platform: 1 for the welcome page and another one when user is loggued in, since its the most important pages to translate :)

@ButterflyOfFire I've upgraded to weblate 3.7 and enabled both Glosbe and MyMemoryMT, thank you for the suggestion!

@funkwhale aligned my notifications settings as requested 😉 (for ITA translations)

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