So, I come with great news!
Development of channels and for the next release is progressing, and we're now able to publish a feed for each Funkwhale channel.

This RSS feed means listeners will be able to subscribe to the corresonding channel using podcasting apps, like AntennaPod or VLC, even if they don't have a Funkwhale account.

If you are a podcast listener, would you mind trying to subscribe to the test feed linked below below from you typical podcasting app and let me know what works and what doesn't?

(you can also see the corresponding Funkwhale UI at, still a WIP)

One important thing: only the latest episode will play actual sound (the previous ones just have 1s of blank sound), that's expected.


@eliotberriot from antennapod everything seems to work fine!! You're doing amazing work thanks!!!!

@fr33l0 @eliotberriot @xaloc another AntennaPod confirmation, including playback speed control πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

Nice! I've made two -quick, dirty- tests: from a traditional RSS reader (tt-rss) and from podget.

Suscription works, the name of the channel shows up, the list of podcasts shows up, links redirect fine to funkwhale pod. Everything seems to work fine :)

@Funkwhale @eliotberriot

@eliotberriot nice! Seems to be working fine in Castro on iOS

@eliotberriot Works in #antennapod with cover and shownotes. I think there were no chapters in the file.

Awesome work!
Works perfect with Podcast Addict!

@eliotberriot F-Droid Antennapod gave me an error saying "io error, handshake failed" when I tried pasting the RSS URL provided.

@gothfvck that's new, thank you for reporting this. Can you open directly in your Android browser?

@eliotberriot I'm ashamed to say it but, yes this device still only has android 7.

@gothfvck there's no shame in that but it could be related to the issue: android 7.0 seem to suffer from some SSL/TLS bugs that affect some apps (but not browsers, because browsers typically embed their own libraries for SSL).

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