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If you're encountering an error during migrations while upgrading on a non-docker install, please run the following command by hand:

sudo -u postgres psql funkwhale -c 'CREATE EXTENSION "citext";'

Then rerun the first migration command that caused the issue. More details at

Apologies for the inconvenience

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@funkwhale I have to ask, what is the proper, expected way for compilations to be tagged in funkwhale?

Should the <artist> tag be the same across all files, or the <albumartist>? This isn't really documented afaict, maybe I'm wrong though.

When auto-tagging with Picard it just tags everything with Various Artists which is absolutely unacceptable to me, and just confuses things further. (I don't want multiple unrelated albums grouped under Various Artists)
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@funkwhale OK Figured it out via testing, using the same value for <albumartist> is the proper method (for anyone confused about this)

0.20 highlights: kind request 

0.20 highlights: additional changes 

0.20 highlights: easy install/upgrade script 

0.20 highlights: account deletion 

0.20 highlights: dark theme 

0.20 highlights: support links 

0.20 highlights: reports 

0.20 highlights: new landing page 

0.20 highlights: genres 

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My #Funkwhale server ( is fully up-to-date with the new release. Thanks to @eliotberriot and the rest of the @funkwhale for an awesome release :party_parrot:

After 5 months of work, 0.20 is now available! 🎉

Release announcement (with highligths):
Full changelog and upgrade instructions:

We'll also publish some release highlights here later, but everything you need to know is available in those two links!

Thank you so much to all our amazing contributors, testers, reviewers, translators, devs, designers, writers… We did a great job together!

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Unless something goes wrong, we're planning for a release this week probably on friday!

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Hey there!

We're almost ready to release Funkwhale 0.20 and we've pushed the first release candidate, 0.20.0-rc1. If you want to help polishing this release, you can upgrade your pod to use this release and report any bug you encounter.

You can learn more at and access the full changelog at

If everything goes well, we're planning for a final release during the first week of October 🎉

Thank you for your help!

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Du coup Audinaut est un client SubSonic (à jour) et fonctionne avec @funkwhale 😉

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@funkwhale Non-docker upgraded without issue here! So far so good, just a few cosmetic issues like header text color not changing with theme - theme switcher is cooool 😎

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