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:funkwhale: Continuing our thread on artist profiles for @funkwhale - things like claiming profiles, what info the profiles provide, etc. Really important for podcasters and other artists!

Feedback super-duper welcome. 🐋

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:funkwhale: I've started a Loomio thread for the abuse audit of the @funkwhale software. This is where we go through and try to find all the ways it can be used for evil and then all the ways we can attempt to stop or deter that behavior. We welcome the help! 🐋

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:funkwhale: We're taking a vote on the priorities for @funkwhale's roadmap of features. If you are interested in some federated audio, come tell us what you think. 🐋

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#FunkWhale News 

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WordPress people,

Can you recommend WordPress paid and managed hosting services that *don't* use Google Fonts by default?

(i.e. a service easy enough for non-techies to use, but which doesn't automatically put Google's claws into their site)

It seems like every default WP theme has some kind of code that loads up Google Fonts, even if you don't use Google Fonts.

#WordPress #AskTheFediverse

Hello Community!

You may remember we started a public discussion a few weeks ago.

7 interesting items were suggested, and we could use your help to understand which ones are perceived as being prioritary.

It's as simple as voting on, and optionnaly giving us feedback if you feel like it :)

(you'll need to have a Loomio account to submit your )

Thank you 🐳

Hello there!

I (@eliotberriot) have been working on the redesign of our website (currently

I'd like to have your feedback regarding this redesign, especially on the content/copy/accessibility/bugs.

The new version lives at

You can share the feedback here or on

Thank you so much for your help, boosts appreciated!

(don't mind the cat images, some illustrations are coming to replace those ;)

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@shelenn You had it right the first time! We're looking for feedback on how to have the Funkwhale software properly support uploading/sharing podcasts along with how it already supports music uploading/sharing.
(@funkwhale 's English got a little confusing there. 😉 )

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:funkwhale: We're talking podcast support for @funkwhale and would very much like to hear from podcasters and listeners:

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#introductions, #reintroductions

:rollerblade: I'm Ginny.

I love #cats :benny: :gwen: and hate fascists.

✍️ I write and do lots of stuff:

:greatcat: I'm the admin of

🦌 I work on building safe and friendly communities:

:funkwhale: I contribute to @funkwhale

:inhaler: you can help me stay alive:


:pigbutt: save a pig, eat the police

Dear Community,

We're migrating our forums to a new place, for reasons outlined here:

If you were using to get in touch with the Funkwhale community, you should now use instead :)

Thank you very much for reading and sharing!

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The next release of Funkwhale (0.19) will also included OAuth2 support so you can build reliable and secure apps!

If you're an application developper and want to build an app on top on , did you know we maintain an interactive at ?

The most important endpoints are now documented, you can send real requests to our demo server and inspect the responses to have a better understanding of how it works!

You can even use it to interact with your own instance ;)

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Je viens juste d'installer avec succès une instance @funkwhale . Bravo pour le boulot !

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Bye bye Deezer, bienvenue @funkwhale 😀

Cadeau de bienvenue : le ticket qui va bien pour redis que l'on ne peut pas utiliser en socket unix !

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Advertisement on the internet, in most cases, is about preying on anyone who doesn't understand that is advertising, or who's to foggy to realize that it's not what they were looking for because they aren't registering that it's sponsored.

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The nearest currently is probably @funkwhale which has an intro page at:

There are several instances, for example there's a good instance for creative commons music:

It's still under development and it's not exactly like Soundcloud, but I think they have Soundcloud-like features on their roadmap.

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