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Continuing the experiments, exploring self hosting my music.

I have three things running at the moment,
* a simple samba network file share
* #ampache
* @funkwhale

Ampache is good, but I'm not massively keen on the Web ui, however the android app I've tried seems better.

Funkwhale has the best Web ui, but the api seems to be limiting the power of apps.

And both complain about meta data way more than just playing a file with the "samba player" app.


Dear community, you may remember we started to work on a Code of Conduct for not long ago. Thanks to @GinnyMcQueen's work, we now have something to show!

Comments and feedback on this draft are welcome, so if you see any glaring issue or missing thing, please let us know :)

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There was a good explainer of "why put pronouns in your profile" and I lost it. Has anyone seen it?

Have you ever wanted to contribute to 's codebase but didn't know where to start?

Here is a small, well-scoped and relatively easy ticket for you! To avoid duplicate work, ensure you comment on the issue first before starting to work on a fix :)

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@gordon @funkwhale Sounds like a community brainstorming project. Very high priority!! 🐋

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@GinnyMcQueen @AceNovo @funkwhale
We want the funk
Give us the funk
We need the funk
We gotta have that funk!

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I missed the day one update. Is there already a plan to increase funk content?

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@AceNovo @funkwhale proposals for separate funk increase department are forthcoming

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@funkwhale update day two: less whales than expected 🐳 🐋

adding to goals: increase whale content 30-45% in the first quarter

This is just a quick reminder that you can support us financially on Open Collective (even without creating an account!)

Every donation helps!

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We'd like to thank you all for the follows, responses and support the last few days... 

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Thanks to the amazing support of @Elza, our Plume blog should now be back up!


You can check out last friday blog post at

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J'écoute la musique de mon instance @funkwhale via Clémentine :owi:

Donc, non seulement j'ai accès à la musique que j'ai téléversé sur mon serveur, mais en plus je peux écouter la musique que d'autres mettent à disposition sur leur propre serveur :amaze: :amaze:


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It does work! So you can now reference albums and tracks from in Mastodon via their url and get an embedded player for free!

(it will land in Funkwhale 0.19, but it's already on the develop branch if you want to try it ;)

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I'll give you a little gif if it helps. (sorry my interface is in French)

Afterwards, simply click on it and create an ssl certificate with letsencrypt. (in my case the button is disabled because of my configuration of the virtual machine, but in your case it should be active)


@funkwhale @jibec

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