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Next date poll for is up!

We're looking for a date in the first half of February, tell us when you're available at :)

As usual, all the Sync discussion / agenda / details can be found on the forum:

See you soon!

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Hi friends and foes, what.
There's been a lot of questions about #ForkTogether and yes, it's been on ice, and quite dead.
After 6 months, and a few spokes in the wheel, I'm taking back my rejection of any managerial positions, and getting my hands dirty.
More info to follow soon™

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hey, in case you didn't know already @funkwhale is looking at setting up their org as a Non-profit.

@eliotberriot reached out to me in regards to diversity concerns, but I'm not the right person to answer those questions.

If any of you are though, feel free to reach out to him here, or check out their discussion here:

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#OpenAudio is an instance of @funkwhale , which is part of the ActivityPub-powered Fediverse.

You can browse tens of thousands of music tracks that are legal to download and share at: specialises in #CreativeCommons tracks and other #Libre music, much of it from the Free Music Archive ( The FMA has been under threat recently, so is a sort of lifeboat for the content.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Music #FunkWhale

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@jaxom_kaplan @funkwhale Oh non encore un service gratuit qui va revendre mes données parce que si c'est gratuit c'est que c'est toi le produit \o/

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Thanks to this data, we'll be able to answer common questions about the network (how many servers are there? How much people are using Funkwhale?). This will also power our instance picker!

Data collection honor the "Private mode in nodeinfo" setting in your Instance configuration. If for some reason, you want to opt-out from the statistics, just check this box and the nex time your instance is crawled, we'll delete existing data and honor your choice :)

Let me introduce the brand new Network page!

It's a magical place where you can:

- Browse data about the network
- Submit your instance for inclusion in the statistics

Collected data is made available at More dashboards will come in the future, but you can already have an idea of the number of instances, active users, and the growth!

If you own an instance, simply visit to have it included :)

If you like what you see, want to support our work and can spare a buck or two, remember we have a donation page at!

Finally, our docker image is now based on Alpine, leading to smaller size, and better security.

We also have a brand new mono-container Docker image and it's a breeze to setup. Our documentation have been updated to include this alternative Docker deployment!

On the server side, we've updated all of our dependencies to their latest versions, which should fix some performance issues and memory leaks that affected previous versions.

The importer is also more resilient to some edge cases (cover and date parsing, etc.).

Apart from those visible features, there are countless enhancements and fixes that will improve user experience:

- Audio progress bar gives more feedback about what's going on (loading, playing, etc.)
- Support for multi-disc albums
- Huge performance improvements on the front-end (loading time, data usage, reactivity, etc.)
- Lots of accessibility improvements (especially for the player)
- Better results returned when searching

I'm going to highlight some of the changes in the release in a thread.

First of all, Naomi includes three new exciting features:

- Storing displaying licensing information about uploaded tracks
- Embedding tracks and albums on third party websites via an iframe (and oembed)
- Transcoding of audio files to support a wider range of browsers and clients
- Instance-level controls to understand and change the way your instance federates with other instances and accounts

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TanukiTunes is now on @funkwhale 0.18. Thanks to the team for their stellar work on this!

0.18 “Naomi” is out!

And it's huge (check out the changelog if you don't trust me ;)

This release is dedicated to Naomi, an early contributor and beta tester of Funkwhale. Her positivity, love and support have been incredibly helpful and helped shape the project as you can enjoy it today. Thank you so much Naomi <3

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Bon, ça a l'air de passer avec ma connexion en mousse d'aujourd'hui, donc le stream de la release de démarrera d'ici 20 à 30 minutes sur Stream en Français à moi qu'il y ait une forte demande pour l'anglais :)

I'll be streaming the 0.18 release on starting in 30 minutes. I plan to do it in french unless there is an actual demand for english ;)

Allright, Funkwhale 0.18 will be released tomorrow afternoon. We're on schedule, and I plan to stream on during the day, like I did for the 0.17 release.

will be freezed tomorrow morning.

See you tomorrow!

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