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@funkwhale :blob_thinking_smirk:

Année 90, 00 (Britney4ever), une playlist qui bouge, une playlist qui bouge pas, une playlist pour chanter ...

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@rikles hello, un commit malheureux qui a cassé l'installeur ce matin, on prévoit un correctif demain dans la matinée ;)

Bonne année !

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2020 #Introductions, #reintroductions

:rollerblade: I'm Ginny

I am currently expatting in France 🇺🇸🛫🛬🇫🇷 on the run from Nazi death threats and poverty

I love my #cats :benny: :gwen: and hate fascists

✍️ I write:

:greatcat: I'm the admin of

:funkwhale: I contribute to @funkwhale

:inhaler: you can help me stay alive and keep doing this stuff:


:pigbutt: save a pig, eat the police

@tuttle @colegota Hi, we don't have anything like this, but we can consider adding it if you open an issue at

It should mostly be a matter of finding the best way to represent this i nfo and include it in Nodeinfo :)

@romil yes, it is, we intend to release it with Funkwhale 0.22 :)

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Oh my, the music streaming world just lost 8tracks

Murfie, another streaming option also suddenly closed it doors and seemingly not allowing users to get their physical media/data out first.

Last year, Soundcloud almost went out of business until they got a 100m investment at the last minute.

Hopefully @funkwhale sees a huge uptick in usage.


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Testing the @funkwhale radio option, I discovered a lot of new artist for me

@sqozz Sounds a bit like, Funkwhale is extremely picky when it comes to X-Forwarded-{Host,Proto,Port} headers.

We've pushed a fix for that on the develop branch, so if you don't mind a little instability/bugs you can use this branch (instructions at You'll also get an earlier access to other enhancements and features ;)

Another option is to hardcode the X-Forwarded-Host and X-Forwarded-{Host,Proto,Port} headers in your nginx configuration (the nginx the closest to Funkwhale if you have multiple nested proxies).

Something like:

X-Forwarded-Host your.domain
X-Forwarded-Proto https
X-Forwarded-Port 443

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Funkwhale, navigation redesign 

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PSA, Funkwhale 

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