Funkwhale 1.1-rc2 was published this morning and should fix several regressions and bugs that where reported in the first update :)

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If you are running @funkwhale and are brave enough: Update to our new RC to report any issues!

If you want to help with translations, now is the right time to contribute!

We're proud to announce the upcoming release of Funkwhale 1.1 around March 15.

For the first time in Funkwhale's history, this release was supervised and published entirely by Georg, a new maintainer of the project, instead of our usual @agateblue ;)

Georg has published the first release candidate today, and we encourage admins to give it a try and share their feedback so we can spot and correct bugs and regressions.

You can learn more about this release at, and will give you all the instructions to update and share your feedback.

Many, many thanks who to all the people who contributed to this release and to the project as a whole ❤️

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Funkwhale is looking for new maintainers

Funkwhale is continuing looking for new maintainers.Who is intresting in becoming new maintainer for Funkwhale?

A blog article above is written by @funkwhale .

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Funkwhale is looking for new maintainers


A blog article above is written by @funkwhale .

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@cda made a live talk about Funkwhale and decentralized podcasting as part of the Chaos Communication Congress, and you can view the recording here if you're interested :

It's a great introduction to the project as well as how we actually integrated into the app itself earlier this year!

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@lclaude hello, généralement ça indique que tu ne lance pas la commande depuis le virtualenv de Funkwhale. Ça dépend un peu ee ton installation, mais en général,

/srv/funkwhale/virtualenv/bin/python /srv/funkwhale/api/ <tacommande>

Et la bonne syntaxe :)

@lig well you could definitely build a podcast specific UI on top of Funkwhale, since it uses open APIs :)

Unfortunately, Mastodon doesn't retrieve previous episodes when you browse a profile or subscribe to it, but once you're subscribed to a channel, you should see new episodes appearing in your timeline with an embedded player ;)

> In the context of a podcast player experience, I mean something looking more like this

Thanks! Indeed, Funkwhale's UI is more music-centric than what you would expect for a podcasting app.

@lig here is an example channel in the web UI, I'm not sure if it answers your question :

RSS feeds should be compatible with apple spec and usable on Itunes and on any podcasting app (otherwise, it's a bug ;)

I don't think any podcasting app supports subscribing through ActivityPub though


Funkwhale channels can also be followed directly on fedi, using their username, on addition to RSS subscriptions :)

@ueckueck @moji hi there ! I don't speak german but I can definitely answer your questions in english if that's okay :)

Service should be going back up right now, apologies for the inconvenience

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Most of our services, including, our gitlab, website and documentation are currently down because of a hosting issue.

We're looking into that.

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