Hello! You may have heard about , a project we're developping whith the Funkwhale collective and as part of our mission.

It's a set of lightweight standards and an app built from the ground-up to help you support creators on fedi and elsewhere, according to your activity and your budget.

Yesterday, we've launched our official website at retribute.me/! Our next milestone is to finish the first drafts for the specifications.

If you want to help with that, or simply want to know more about the project, we have weekly meeting at riot.im/app/#/room/#retribute: and you can of course ask us any question you may have here!

cc @sporiff @robin @GinnyMcQueen

@narF ouais, le blog était à genoux avec tous les serveurs du Fédi qui font un fetch au même moment, j'ai fait un restart, ça devrait aller mieux

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So, two weeks ago, we published the 0.20 release. Curious to see what we've been up to? Our bi-monthly blog post should give you some answers ;)


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The branch is still a WIP, but will get a navigation/sidebar redesign.

The idea is to reduce the sidebar width, remove some duplicates entry (and ditch the fixed top navigation completely), offer a dedicated "queue" view and provide an easy way to browse personal content/activity (via the new "My Library" section).

This last bit is important, because our users are regularly asking for a way to browse their own albums/artists/playlists without seing what's included in third-party libraries. It will now be possible!

There are lots of things to polish and fix before this is ready, but you can at least get an idea.

Also, you can try it yourself, by visiting dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/, and clicking the "View app" link under the first post (see screenshot)

@ananace recently shared a Helm chart to deploy on a Kubernetes cluster, you may want to give it a try!


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A #Marseille c'est décidé, on fait deux cafés #nog00gle, avec @revlibre et @funkwhale, un le samedi 12 et un autre le dimanche 13 octobre 17h-19h : agendadulibre.org/events/20789
Donc oui pour la page wiki pour partager nos ressources, et le canal visio pour se voir est une belle idée.

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Funkwhale, small goodie to wait before podcasts are actually supported 

Another month, another interview on our blog! This month, you can learn more about @sporiff, his involvement in the project, and his cat ;)


Interview by @GinnyMcQueen

Now that the 0.20 release is out, we have to start the work on the next one.

After some discussions (governance.funkwhale.audio/d/0), we have agreed on a roadmap for the 0.21 and 0.22 releases.

0.21 will focus on supporting podcasts, and easier audio publication overall (governance.funkwhale.audio/d/s), in an effort to make the platform more useful to creators.

We'll also redesign the sidebar and navigation, as outlined in governance.funkwhale.audio/d/m

As with every release, we'll implement a handful of anti-abuse features: federated reports, screening for signups and enforced email verification

Due date: Q1 2020

We also agreed to make Funkwhale 0.22 a stability release. It means we won't introduce any new feature, but focus on stability, enhancements and bugfixes. Depending on how it goes, Funkwhale 0.22 could turn into Funkwhale 1.0, our first official stable release!

Due date: hard to guess that far in the future, but probably Q2 or Q3 2020 ;)

Acknowledging the work done by our community is important, but it's also critical to give credit to other individuals and communities who are helping us by maintaining projects that make possible!

We've added a dedicated page at funkwhale.audio/credits/ to feature all the projects we're relying on to build Funkwhale.

Even if you cannot support us directly, supporting any of these projects will benefit us!

If you're encountering an error during migrations while upgrading on a non-docker install, please run the following command by hand:

sudo -u postgres psql funkwhale -c 'CREATE EXTENSION "citext";'

Then rerun the first migration command that caused the issue. More details at dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/

Apologies for the inconvenience

@HgO merci, plusieurs personnes m'ont remonté ce problème, faut que je documente !

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@funkwhale I have to ask, what is the proper, expected way for compilations to be tagged in funkwhale?

Should the <artist> tag be the same across all files, or the <albumartist>? This isn't really documented afaict, maybe I'm wrong though.

When auto-tagging with Picard it just tags everything with Various Artists which is absolutely unacceptable to me, and just confuses things further. (I don't want multiple unrelated albums grouped under Various Artists)
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@funkwhale OK Figured it out via testing, using the same value for <albumartist> is the proper method (for anyone confused about this)

@nefix I can't really host this because I have areally crappy connexion, so I can't push i'docker images from home. But if you know a hosting provider who offer arm vps, maybe we could go that way?

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