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Es gibt neues von meinem Blog zu digitalen Hilfsmitteln in Gemeinde, Reli- und Konfirmandenunterricht:

Funkwhale: Praktischer Audiodateien-Verbreiter (Funkwhale) nutzen um Infos zu publizieren

#Allgemein #Gemeinde #Audio #Browser #Funkwhale #OpenSource #digitalebildung #fediLZ

Someone has just written this nice blog post in german, about the channels feature that is part of the april release!

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@tykayn @e_jambon si le but c'est de faire du live, Funkwhale ne le permet pas pour l'instant (Icecast sera plus adapté probablement), par contre si l'objectif c'est de publier de l'audio pour qu'il soit écouté après coup, Funkwhale peut fonctionner oui :)

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:funkwhale: #Funkwhale

Our next #podcast development meeting is on Saturday, April 4 at 17:00 UTC :serenity: 🎙️ :otto:

Feel free to join anytime and lurk, ask questions, or give your thoughts :betty:

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35/ Je suis la présidente de l’association The Funkwhale Collective.

Tu connais @funkwhale ? 😏

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@gllmhyt illimité non, mais tu peux lui mettre un quota très élevé, par exemple 9999999 MB

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@funkwhale 2020.03 is the version. We're living in the 20s. 😉

@neunburg_evangelisch are you looking for a place to publish your work, uploading your private library, or just listen to stuff?

@Lightnin right now there isn't.

Having people hearing exactly the same thing you do as the same time (e.g live streaming) isn't easily doable.

However, we could fairly easily have a new radio that would play tracks listened by a given user.

It would work like this:

1. The person is logged in and start the radio from your profile
2. The most recent track you listened to is added to the queue
3. In the meantime you start streaming another track
4. This track will be appended to the user queue once the previous one over

It wouldn't be *synchronous* per se, but it would be rather close to it. Is it something that would work for you?

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Yesterday, we released a way to interact with a CodiMD instance via the command line \o/

You can import markdown documents, publish existing notes, export as PDF, MD, HTML, or as slides in a zip archive and more! If you feel like writing a little code, there are some other features` it would be nice to have as well 😉

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@Lightnin well partially.

For instance, if your user profile is configured to share your activity publicly, then what your listen will be listed on it (e.g

However, it doesn't necessarily mean that people will be able to listen to the content directly. It depends if the content you are streaming is available in a public library or channel.

If it isn't, people will see the activity, but won't be able to play the corresponding tracks.

So, looks like channels and podcasts will be compatible with !

You can expect this to work when their 2019-03 release is out!

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