@lordampersand yes, following is currently only supported on channels, so this is the expected behaviour :)

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@funkwhale Thanks for a great piece of software! Liberta Audio now runs Funkwhale 1.0, keep up the veeeeery good work! Cheers

@shuro it was like this before, right now this is the expected behaviour :)

@mike you did nothing wrong, we closed registrations a while ago, and only granted upload storage to new accounts :)

@mike I've gave you some upload storage, you should be able to publish your tracks now :)

And yes, we publish a valid podcast RSS feed that is compatible with other appllications

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Looks like we had a little hiccup this morning on the demo instance.
It's all back to normal now.

On the bright sight, what's coming to the 1.x release? Currently we have 3 PRs:

1. Adding a config options for the cookie policy
2. Replace riot.im with element.io
3. Adding Malayalam translation

2.x is also going great!

The API definition and mocking is going forward, the new Database Schema is layed out. Meanwhile the frontend team just merged the new permissions modal. 🚀

#HedgeDoc #CodiMD

@mike what is your username on open.audio and what do you plan to upload?

Funkwhale 1.0 is out 🎉

As usual, the full changelog is available at docs.funkwhale.audio/changelog,. New features include:

- A brand new search page
- It's now possible to launch a scan from the UI
- Themes and language are now persisted accross sessions
- A new plugin system, with a scrobbler plugin that works with Last.fm and MusicBrainz

We're thankful to the contributors to this release, as well as all our supporters, backers and members of the community who have been with us for five years!

We wish you a happy upgrade!

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Je viens enfin de mettre à jour mon instance #Funkwhale en 0.21.2. J'attends encore un peu pour la v1 \o/. Merci pour tout le travail qui permet d'écouter et de partager de la musique confortablement @funkwhale .

J'en ai profité pour ajouter mon don via la page open collective :


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@lclaude hello ! Il faut mettre à jour la variable max_body_size dans la configuration nginx, et relancer nginx :)

PSA: forums are back online 

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Funkwhale 1.0 - scrobbler plugin 

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Funkwhale 1.0 - translations 

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