@weirdwriter Thats bad :( Sorry for the experience!

I am a little confused now, I checked the logins and it should be possible to login with your Github Account. Do you have any troubles there?

@porru for the Forums i think we should search for language coordinators who also do the moderation there. Its already on my list :)

@porru Well, I think first-level support for users or admins will be served by the forums, so heaving language specific areas there should help, doesn't it?

Our contact page already has information about languages, but I seems to not be complete: funkwhale.audio/en_US/contact
But we cannot provide support via email anyway, so not sure if this would help in your use case?

@weirdwriter You should be able to use our pads without account: pad.funkwhale.audio (not sure if its accessible though)

@weirdwriter I forgot to say how much we appreciate such a contribution! Thank you for considering it :)

@porru hi, its a huge thing to tackle. My current approach is to have language specific sub categories in our new forum, but there is still something left to do. Do you have some other ideas? Is this sufficient?

If you have any concerns exposing yourself to us by providing feedback, we have a way to provide this anonymous and private: nextcloud.funkwhale.audio/apps

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We published a new Blogpost: Diversity - Some notes about the current state and how to improve it

TL;DR: We think we can do better, if you have some input, please share it with us!


We are currently testing a new forum, since our old place does not seem to help us build an active community. Please help us testing by joining the new place and tell us what you think.

The forum can be visited here: forum.funkwhale.audio
If you are interested in our motivation to move to a new software, read here: governance.funkwhale.audio/d/P
And finally we have a voting if we should change our main discussion platform: governance.funkwhale.audio/d/q

Thanks for all reports, opinions and contributions!

@pmj Ich finde das Ticket gerade selber nicht, erstell gern eines oder eröffne eine Diskussion im Forum

@pmj Die Diskussion können wir gern nochmal aufrollen.

Die Streaming-Dienste nutzen DRM, das lehnen wir aber ab und werden in dieser Richtung nichts implementieren.

@pmj Die Diskussion um den Download-Button gab es bereits. Es ist nur eine Deaktivierung der UI-Elements, Downloads sind weiterhin möglich.

@pmj Wir nehmen da gern konkrete Verbesserungsvorschläge entgegen :)

@dsoft Thank you! This tool is around for quite some time, I just felt it would need some attention and published it here. If you have anything to improve, let us know! :)

@gmate8 Well, I don't think so! Its probably our bad to miss to communicate this accordingly. We often have confusion about this, so we will work towards making more clear whats possible!

@gmate8 I am not sure if I understand this correctly. You already can upload copyrighted content to your libraries.

You want to help improve , but don't know where to start? There is a small helper to make it easier to get onboard: contribute.funkwhale.audio/

Beside this, you can always get in touch and ask any questions :)

Hello community!

We could use your help! If you are a user and want to help us improving, here is what you can do. We have a list of Bug reports, which need to be reproduced. Thats quite easy: Read the report and test the steps, which are written down there. Than report back, if you experience the same behavior.

The list is available here: dev.funkwhale.audio/groups/fun

You can simply add a Comment, you can report back here or in our Community-Spaces: funkwhale.audio/en_US/communit (Please reference the issue number).

Thanks for your help!

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