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Second iteration of 's embed widget today, with:

- Multi tracks mode (as seen on first video)
- Better color palette thanks to @Troll
- Better accessibility (the whole think is now usable from keyboard only)
- Embed wizard inside Funkwhale to generate embed code, with preview (first video)
- Tweaks to have a responsive widget on really small widths
- Tests on my personnal website (second video)
- Other styling tweaks

I'm so happy to have this included in the next release!

@HgO @eliotberriot @im cette interface d'admin sert exactement à ça : voir les coulisses ;)

@HgO @eliotberriot @im je ne pense pas, il est planté à mon avis, mais tu peux supprimer le scan sur /api/admin/music/libraryscan/ est en relancer un nouveau par contre

@HgO @eliotberriot @im a crashé hier soir, je l'ai redémarré ce matin, je pense que c'est ce qui a causé le bug de ton scan. Tu peux en relancer un :)

@lesbianhacker yeah, that's one of the features everyone keep aksing :D (and I can understand why!)

Thank you for your support 😃

@lesbianhacker from other fediverse software, nothing yet. The current federation allows exchanging music between Funkwhale instances.

The next iteration will focus on user-side federation, so that people can comment funkwhale content, share music and interact from the fediverse :)

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Je viens d'installer mon instance @funkwhale !!! \o/

Merci beaucoup à @eliotberriot, c'est le feu ce logiciel !!! 🔥 🎶 😁 Si tu veux, je te paie en câlins en attendant d'avoir un revenu ! :blobreach: (sinon je t'envoie des patates à manger ! 🥔)

Oh, et si vous avez des bibliothèques que je pourrais suivre, n'hésitez pas ! 😉

@phoe sure, there is no technical limitation preventing it. We offer download links on each individual track, and if you're using mobile apps like DSub, you also have options to cache content for offline use :)

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@Nomys_Tempar @dogmazic hi! you can ask your question here, or on our matrix room ( or on our forum ( I personally have a preference for the forum, but pick the one you prefer :)

@revkellyn @lightone @Gargron that's still a work in progress (you can, in fact, follow, but we don't deliver any user content over federation yet)

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@Curator @SDF How do you judge an archive is a good candidate for edition or deletion?

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we need #curator #help with https://aNONradio #archives - is there anyone out there than can go through our archives at and figure out what archives are good, which ones need to be edited and which ones can be deleted? It is 600GB of 192kbps mp3 audio. #please #thankyou @Curator

@renatolond and my english is really, really bad today, apologies :(

while -> why



This include ~40% of what is mirrored on (more will be added soon), so that could explain while you're not finding everything, especially if doesn't include the whole dataset.

Reminder: you are welcome to join us on January to discuss about Funkwhale, what we should do, how, etc.

Details are here: :)

Rappel : vous êtes les bienvenu·es pour vous joindre à nous début janvier pour discuter de Funkwhale et de son avenir.

Tout les détails sont sur :)

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