@crossgolf_rebel Apparently, Auphonic support WebDav storage too, and I was thinking about exposing libraries via WebDav. If we ever implement that, that should work with Auphonic :)

@crossgolf_rebel hi there. I don't see this integrated directly into the core right now (especially since we don't support podcasts at all atm :D)

However, *everything* the front-end do uses public REST APIs, meaning you can write a script that can query auphonic and upload your media to your Funkwhale instance automatically :)

(And if you cannot write the script yourself, I'm sure someone could help with that!)

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It does work! So you can now reference albums and tracks from open.audio/library in Mastodon via their url and get an embedded player for free!

(it will land in Funkwhale 0.19, but it's already on the develop branch if you want to try it ;)

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I'll give you a little gif if it helps. (sorry my interface is in French)

Afterwards, simply click on it and create an ssl certificate with letsencrypt. (in my case the button is disabled because of my configuration of the virtual machine, but in your case it should be active)


@funkwhale @jibec

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Dear users, @jibec and PierrickBrun have been working on upgrading the package to the 0.18.2 release.

It is ready for testing phase, and your feedback could help to make the package more robust :)


If you have some feedback regarding our documentation, now is the time to share it ;)


@theoutrider H!

it just delete objects in the db in case of in-place imported files :)

@ajroach42 @switchingsocial if you want to upload your work on open.audio, you need an open license, yes.

Other Funkwhale instances may have different rules :)

@ajroach42 apparently, someone misused their upload permission and upload a Joni Mitchell track recently. I've removed it, thank you for the report.

Apart from creator-uploaded work, as @switchingsocial explained, open.audio also includes a bunch (roughly a third) of the Free Music Archive, :)

@switchingsocial @ajroach42 hey there, sorry, I'm a bit late to the party :D

open.audio has open signup, but uploading content require manual approval by instance admins (@eliotberriot, a.k.a. me at the moment). Usually, people contact me by email and explain they want to upload their work on the instance, I quickly check if they are serious, and grant them some upload space.

@Gilou félicitation pour ton instance ! Par contre, est-ce qu'on peut laisser les mamans tranquilles ? ;)

@selea @Liberapay hi there, we're now using Open Collective as our donation platform, you can support us there: opencollective.com/funkwhale

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@moagee @rgggn well if your work is not in the MusicBrainz database, you'd need to tag your files by hand (see docs.funkwhale.audio/users/upl) to ensure they are displayed properly :)

@moagee @rgggn sure, signup on open.audio/, send me your username in private and I'll grant you some storage space :)

@moagee @rgggn well, it's the metadata (like the release names and track titles), not the music itself, I don't find the clause really surprising.

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