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@sqozz in theory, you could try to call directly.

But this isn't something I'd recommend, because it means your are tightly coupling your beets and Funkwhale installation, and it would likely break unexpectedly in the future.

import_files is the public API for doing this kind of operation. In theory, we could also offer a Rest API to control this and avoid launching a subprocess (cf

But until this is implemented I have no better option sorry :/

@sqozz do you want to do that because you don't want to use a subprocess? Or for another reason?

@hyde_stevenson indeed, do you mind opening an issue for that? I think we can do it completely client side!

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@CodiMD one day, we'll publish a blog post about our tooling infrastructure, and explain how CodiMD helped us write and review our collective statutes, design our roadmap, take notes collaboratively during meeting, build presentation about , and much, much more!

@CodiMD CodiMD is a critical piece of our collaboration and publication process!

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Our friends @funkwhale are looking for a more reviewers to reduce their bus factor.

It looks like they are using #CodiMD to coordinate it! 馃帀

If you want to know more details check with @eliotberriot 馃榿

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Funkwhale, call to code reviewers 

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Red counters on notifications are specificially designed by social media "engagement experts" to be anxiety-inducing.

We need a color which is like "you have a notification, but don't worry about it, you can see it when you feel like it".

I like how #Pinafore did it. In fact, there's a lot to learn from Pinafore on ethical design.

Ethical tech should let people use it with intentionality and purpose unlike the manipulative tactics of surveillance capitalist tech.

#DesignEthics #DarkUX

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#Funkwhale is awesome!

They have an open collective, too:

Also, we totes stole their cute new emojos, made by @robin


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New emojos on 

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Voting is complete! Say "Bonjour!" to Otto the Octopus, Serenity the Stingray, and Wanda & Harriet, Betty's whale friends!


:betty: :serenity: :otto: :harriet: :wanda:

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My #FF today goes for an open source project that I like very much:

馃悑 #Funkwhale ~ @funkwhale - a social platform to enjoy and share music while being federated, if you want to! :blobaww:

You can read more about it at if you don't know what it is.

And even though it's still in development you can also already join an open pod and start using it!

馃惓 Here's a couple of them:

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After some time I added a new #CreativeCommons album to :funkwhale: #FunkWhale instance

It's one of the latest from netlabel Abstrakt Reflections.

I'm looking forward to the day when the library will be big enough to create public playlists as some form of podcasts.

cc @funkwhale

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Funkwhale dev, cli 

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