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Following the user tests that happened during the , 54 issues have been created on our issue tracker to improve the user experience in .

The whole list is available here: , and contains a lot of small issues that are perfect for newcomers who want to :)

We'll be implementing a lot of those improvements in next releases.

Many thanks to all the people who made this possible, this input is invaluable!

Allright! The build or the 0.16 are finished, so you can now upgrade your instance.

Why would you do that? I'm glad you asked!

The changelog is bigger than usual and includes a lot of new features, enhancements and bugfixes:

- The library page has been redesigned
- The interface is ready for internationalization (and already fully translated in French, Occitan and Polish)
- Users can now have avatars

Changelog available at

Yeah! The demo should be back up now, with more content. It now includes:

- fake users
- fake playlists
- fake favorites
- fake listenings (~scrobbles)

This is generated randomly, so the data will change everytime the demo is reset (every hour), featuring different artists, covers, etc.

All of this being tied to real music content provided by nice creators! Thank you so much for being so helpful, and don't worry, if your content was not included, it can easily be :)

Have you ever wonder how Funkwhale is structured? What are the different components of your instance?

We're working on including that information in the documentation, and you can review the work done here:


This branch also includes a new and shiny section in the documentation to help you troubleshot the common errors that can occur when you're managing an instance:


Feedback welcome on

I might as well show you the interface to manage users. This still pretty basic, but you can use it to:

- list all the users of your instance
- search them
- order by signup date, last activity date, etc.
- see their permissions, status, email
- grant or remove them permissions
- activate/deactivate their account

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Hi! It's been a long time since the last gif!

The next release will include a new invitation system to make it easier for instance owners to let their friend and family join their instances without opening signup completely.

You can see how it works below (as well as a brief glance of the new "user admin" area):

Only admins generate those codes, they are valid for 14 days and can be deleted at any time.

So, this is the new interface for managing audio files, based on the work described in

It's still pretty basic, but now you can easily:

- Search for a bunch of files (by artist, name, album, source...)
- Find biggest/smallest/longest/shortest audio files using the ordering options
- Delete a bunch of file at once

Next iterations will probably include the same interface but for artists and albums.

I've spend a few hours yesterday and today designing up a new component for funkwhale: the action table (I don't know if it's a proper name for it, but anyway).

It's a table that reproduce a common pattern out there: each row of a table is checkable, and you can apply actions on all checked rows.

I also implemented a Gmail like "check everything" that can apply actions on *every element* matching the given criteria, not only the one that are showed in the table.

Say hi to the 0.13 release! What's new? I'm glad you asked:

- A brand new interface to manage instance settings
- Flac support
- More information available about tracks (bitrate, size, duration)
- A brand new permission system (but it's purely a backend change, for now ;)

Of course, the release also include several bugfixes and enhancements, all of which being outlined in the changelog:

The release is building, but you can already try Subsonic support from the DSub android client ( with the demo instance.

Download the app, add a new server with the URL, and login with demo and demo as username and password.

Check the 'Browse by Tag" in the server settings, it's important.

Then enjoy!

0.11 is out with Apache2 support, password reset emails, a revamped sidebar and many other bugfixes and improvements!

Full changelog available here

Special thanks to @renon for the hard work on Apache2!

Happy listening :)

0.10 is out with a lot of small improvements of bugfixes! Key changes:

- The new CLI importer is smarter, faster, and also able to import files in place. No need to duplicating your music library anymore unless you want to ;)
- All the front-end and API to browse imports were also redesigned to offer a better performance and user experience.

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