What is your favorite creative commons artist available on ?

@mike @funkwhale @franticdogpaddle @Nikolai_Kingsley Only the Frantic Dogpaddle hits you love @funkwhale all day every day biw biw biiiww don't touch that dial

@funkwhale all of my Odo Sendaidokai stuff is CCBY 4.0 but i stoped using funkwhale because the management of the releases, albums and tracks is honestly very bad. I tried to collect some songs i uploaded on diferent times in one album. I wasn't able to manage that. Instead I created several albums with the same name.

The management is not only confusing for the content creators, the feedback I got from listeners was also that they are very confused and quick lost when they were trying to click through a library.…

A far more clean UX would make it so much more attractive to a lot of creators and listeners.
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