We have a new ! And since its boring to check out a new blog without new content, we also wrote a new article! There is a lot of new stuff, most importantly: We have a first beta release of our app 🎉

@funkwhale This is beyond exciting! Do you have an official IOS app?

@blindscribe We actually don't. The android app is an Fork of Otter, which does not seem to be updated anymore. The next version of Funkwhale will break Otter, though, so we felt this is needed. For an iOS-App, we would need someone who steps up for the development.

@tommy Thats not the right version. You need to install 0.1.1.

@funkwhale Aw hell yea! Did you manage to get in touch with the original developer?
Also did you port over the translations from weblate or should we translate it again individually? I translated Otter to croatian a few months back so just im curious

@Lar We tried to reach apognu, but got no reply. We took over all the translations, but there might be new strings to translate! Check:


Congrats on all those great news!
Thanks for all the work behind this.

@funkwhale This is so nice to have a Funkwhale app. I've been thinking to improve Otter for a few months, actually. I may contribute in the future.

@funkwhale yay for the blog ! And it's using pelican, great ☺️

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