Hello Community! Imagine we had a regular format with updates from the project. What format should it be (blogpost, forum post, ...), how often would you like to have it and what content would you expect? Also, how can you imagine to get involved? Besides this, have a nice weekend! :funkwhale:

@funkwhale I prefer blogposts because I can read without subscriptions, username, passwords and whatever. Rss feeds are my preferred way to be informed

@funkwhale Updates to funkwhale? Like new features/improvements?

@nattukaran Well, we are already announcing new releases, but there is a lot more going on in the community. Just tell me what you are interested in :)

@funkwhale Blogposts please (with a nice RSS feed for subscriptions) ! I'd expect no more than 1 post each month, and it could be as low as 1 post for each new release, just to list the most important changes.

Have a nice weekend too!

@lertsenem so you are not really interested into current discussions or developments in the community? You want hard facts about released features only?

@funkwhale Not at all! Current discussions and community infos would be nice too! I would just expect posts about new releases at a minimum. Kinda like the Godot engine blog.

@lertsenem Well, I agree on the minimum, but I was interested in your dreams or wishes, tell me what you want to know, how often, all you wish! Thats no promise we will do this, though ;)

Format: blog
Frequency: can be occasional, once every 4-6 weeks would be nice (don't put too much pressure on yourself!)
Content: anything happening in the community qualifies I reckon (e.g. thoughts/developments on the Android app, more general regarding federation, updates on the number of instances). And a blog can be rather short.

Good luck. Same struggles for the #AntennaPod blog, being creative and keeping the wider community up to date is not an easy feat!

@funkwhale Blog Post for me. I would like to have it 3 or 4 times.

@funkwhale make itblog posts because then, people can keep up with it via RSS

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