We published a new Blogpost: Diversity - Some notes about the current state and how to improve it

TL;DR: We think we can do better, if you have some input, please share it with us!

If you have any concerns exposing yourself to us by providing feedback, we have a way to provide this anonymous and private:

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@funkwhale Would love to write accessibility documentation for you! Can I sign up to gitlab with a github account, though? I'd like to start creating some screen reader documentation.

@funkwhale No, I just hate the thought of having to create yet another account when I use github the most. :) but if there is a public wiki somewhere where I can start writing, point me in that direction. :)

@weirdwriter You should be able to use our pads without account: (not sure if its accessible though)

@funkwhale Unfortunately, not really. many stuff is not labeled, keyboard users get trapped in text areas, and more even without logging in. :( but if gitlab has a wiki feature like github does, I am certain I can work with that after I make an account.

@weirdwriter Thats bad :( Sorry for the experience!

I am a little confused now, I checked the logins and it should be possible to login with your Github Account. Do you have any troubles there?

@weirdwriter I forgot to say how much we appreciate such a contribution! Thank you for considering it :)

One thing I think about is language issue: it would be helpful if people can contact developers in different languages. Maybe not only developers, but some people knowing different languages to answer doubts that users have

@porru hi, its a huge thing to tackle. My current approach is to have language specific sub categories in our new forum, but there is still something left to do. Do you have some other ideas? Is this sufficient?

I always lack this help on language, although I don't know how to manage it. One simple change can be to say publicly which languages understand people involved on the project. So if there's someone on the project understanding arabic, I know I can ask in arabic and someone will understand.
This is not intended for project development, but for helping users and even getting new ideas from them (enough people do not know english and can not give ideas)

@porru Well, I think first-level support for users or admins will be served by the forums, so heaving language specific areas there should help, doesn't it?

Our contact page already has information about languages, but I seems to not be complete:
But we cannot provide support via email anyway, so not sure if this would help in your use case?

@funkwhale You're right, maybe I didn't go deep enough to see these :)
It's great as it is!

@porru for the Forums i think we should search for language coordinators who also do the moderation there. Its already on my list :)

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