You want to help improve , but don't know where to start? There is a small helper to make it easier to get onboard:

Beside this, you can always get in touch and ask any questions :)

@funkwhale It would be good if users could've upload copyrighted content with a valid license. So it could bring more people to the platform until the big change.

@gmate8 I am not sure if I understand this correctly. You already can upload copyrighted content to your libraries.

@gmate8 Well, I don't think so! Its probably our bad to miss to communicate this accordingly. We often have confusion about this, so we will work towards making more clear whats possible!

Ooh look at that! Really love how you organized contributions by time❣️

@dsoft Thank you! This tool is around for quite some time, I just felt it would need some attention and published it here. If you have anything to improve, let us know! :)

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