Happy Wednesday, Funkwhalers!

We're currently auditing the documentation and looking for spots that need updating, clarification, etc. to make it easier for people to contribute.

If anyone here would like to help look through and/or and give us some feedback, that would be very appreciated!

:serenity: :otto:

@funkwhale In what form would you prefer feedback? Pull requests, issues, replies on Mastodon, etc?

@apetresc good question! Replies here are fine, we also started a discussion in our Matrix room :betty:

@funkwhale Niiice, I didn't know you had a Matrix room! ♥

@apetresc And that's a good documentation note! Should make the room addresses more apparent. :harriet:

@funkwhale being a noob trying to self host I have read the 'importing music from the server' doc page and always been confused at the end. Not sure if it needs to indicate what background information should be understood, or whether it should be split by install method.

@jambamkin Thanks! We will put that on the list of things to update/improve. :betty:

Hey ! There is a lot of api endpoints undocumented o/

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