Funkwhale 1.0 is out 🎉

As usual, the full changelog is available at,. New features include:

- A brand new search page
- It's now possible to launch a scan from the UI
- Themes and language are now persisted accross sessions
- A new plugin system, with a scrobbler plugin that works with and MusicBrainz

We're thankful to the contributors to this release, as well as all our supporters, backers and members of the community who have been with us for five years!

We wish you a happy upgrade!

@funkwhale Congratulations with major release :)

Maybe it is just me but I noticed that with the new version search now shows results from private libraries on the server. I am not sure if it is a bug or intended behavior so I opened support thread. It can be a potential liability for someone.

Or was it like this before? Can someone who haven't updated yet check if this happens on older version?

@shuro it was like this before, right now this is the expected behaviour :)

@shuro @funkwhale Thanks for explanation. I hope it will become unexpected behavior someday :)

Private libraries should stay private in my opinion.
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