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:wanda: Getting Involved With Funkwhale:

@funkwhale It's so nice to see such a welcoming project that acknowledges the barriers people might face coming into Open Source. I'll certainly try to get more involved where I can.

@EdwardTorvalds You repeated this, but I'm not sure you know what the community is supposed to be like. From the code of conduct:
> Examples of unacceptable behavior by participants include:
> ...
> Any attempt to present “reverse-ism” as examples of oppression. Examples of reverse-isms are “reverse racism”, “reverse sexism”, “heterophobia”, and “cisphobia”.
> ...
> Any of the above even when presented as “ironic” or “joking”.

right. too much policing usually results in broken community.


@Hyolobrika @EdwardTorvalds it's not about policing but ensuring everyone can feel safe and get involved in the project

I understand your concern there and it has good intentions. But rules and situation can be twisted when someone does not like someone else i.e. misuse of the rules.

Instead we should have a very minimal sets of rules and mostly use community based discussions and votes in order to take some action on misconduct.


@funkwhale @EdwardTorvalds
That's a laudable goal, but I don't think all of your rules help to fulfill it.
For example what if someone is hurt/microaggressed by a "reverse-ism" - as you call it? Whether you recognise it or not they are just as hurtful as "forward-isms" (and even if you think they are not, you must still recognise that they are hurtful *as well* - even if perhaps not *as* hurtful - and therefore should be given attention as well).

@Hyolobrika @funkwhale
Instead of making rules we need to work with each other, give feedback, have discussions, give benifit of the doubt, etc.

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