@funkwhale 2 small suggestions. Could the "replace current cue" be replaced with, "Play artist/album/x variable? It would really help screen readers! Also, using the, space, key to play/pause conflicts with screen readers. Could you change it to P instead? :) I'd be happy to answer any questions!

@weirdwriter a fix for your two suggestions was submitted this morning, and will land in our 1.0 release

@funkwhale yay! Those were the fastest accessibility fixes ever! I can't remember if the player has a landmark region around it, but if not, that would be a good fix also. Is there an option to always pop the player out in a new window if I sign up for an account? That would be easiest, to add an option to always pop out the player in a new window in settings. Thanks for the fixes!

@weirdwriter I've pushed an additional fix for the landmark (they where missing on the main content and the player, and I've added some labels on the existing ones too)


We don't have any option to pop out the player in a separate window, is it better for accessibility?

@funkwhale yay! This is for my own curiosity, but is there an option to make the player pop out in a new window and keep it in a in a new window in till closed?

@weirdwriter no, there is not, the player is always attached to the bottom of the window you are browsing Funkwhale with :)

@funkwhale gotcha! Could a pop out player be a suggestion? I keep trying to submit issues, but I am not seeing a link or button that says, new issue. Anyway, could the pop out player be something to look into?

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