@pawlowa how does one follow artists on funkwhale with one' own mastodo acc?

@schokopflaster I honestly have no idea... I'm also still exploring this

@pawlowa Oki, so it’s not just me who can’t figure it out ^^‘

@schokopflaster @pawlowa After some searching i've found someone on Mastodon talking about it, they made a smol tutorial and a video about how to do it.


If i understand it correctly you, pawlowa, as an artist have to create a channel, give others the link (maybe put it in your Funkwhale profile) and people using Mastodon can put that username link in their search bar, then their instance fetches it.

I think that's a bit wild because you can have more than one channel on Funkwhale but people seem to be able to only follow one of them. And you have to activate it first before others can follow you. :oh_no:

@schokopflaster @pawlowa Whoops, smol correction: People can of course follow all of your channels, but not all of them by searching for a single username. It seems a channel on Funkwhale is equivalent to a profile on Mastodon, so with a channel you basically create a profile others can follow. Multiple channels mean that people can follow different profiles of you.

@schokopflaster @pawlowa Now that i think about it, i actually like Funkwhale's way of doing this. It acts like some kind of management interface for accounts (profiles / channels). People with multiple Mastodon accounts would propably like something like that too. :blobowo:

@nora @pawlowa Hihi, danke für deine Recherche. Ich glaube, ich muss das in Aktion sehen um sicher zu sein, ob ich es ganz verstanden habe ^^;;
Aber es klingt erstmal sinnvoll, dass ich einzelnen Unterprojekten-/Channels 1 Künstler:ins folgen kann (wenn ich bspw. nur die Instrumntalsachen hören will oder so, vllt war das so gemeint).

@schokopflaster @pawlowa I don't know if it's accurate but i made a drawing of how i guess federation between Mastodon and Funkwhale works. Maybe @funkwhale can clarify things? :blobsmilesweat:


@nora your schema is indeed accurate! We plan to make Funkwhale accounts (vs channels) available on federation later this year, but implementation hasn't started yet :)

It will probably focus on listening/favorites activities at first (e.g broadcast to your followers that you're listening to a specific track, this kind of things).

@schokopflaster @pawlowa

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