Hello there! 0.21 is almost out. We've published our first release candidate this morning, and we encourage you to try it.

All the instructions to test it can be found at governance.funkwhale.audio/d/S (and you can also share your feedback / issues there)

If everything goes well, we should have a proper release published around April 21 🎉

Dear , we're about to release a new version in ~10 days. We've pushed the new translation strings to translate.funkwhale.audio/proj, and we'd really appreciate it if you could have a look at it ❤️

We've also updated our Weblate instance to the latest release, to ensure you have the best translation experience.

If you you're not a translator yet, but want to help, you can get started at contribute.funkwhale.audio/gui

Thank you so much!

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If you installed using our install script, you can easily test this release candidate with:

curl -sSL -o /tmp/upgrade.sh "get.funkwhale.audio/upgrade.sh" && sudo sh /tmp/upgrade.sh 0.21-rc1

And if you want to try it on a brand new pod on a Debian 9 or 10 server:

curl -sSL -o /tmp/install.sh "get.funkwhale.audio/" && sudo FUNKWHALE_VERSION=0.21-rc1 sh /tmp/install.sh

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A couple items from the changelog, in case you're wondering what's in it ;)

- Support for publishing and subscribing to podcasts
- Brand new navigation, queue and player redesign
- Browse a library content through the UI
- Federated reports
- Screening for sign-ups
- Make it possible to enforce email verification
- Use postgres full-text-search for enhanced performance
- Improved search bar for searching remote objects

And many, many other bugfixes and enhancements, which are listed at dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/

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It's not over yet, but up until now, more than 35 people have contributed their time, skills and energy to make this release a reality.

Thank you annando, Anton Strömkvist, Audrey, ButterflyOfFire, Ciarán Ainsworth, dashie, Eliot Berriot, Eloisa, eorn, Francesc Galí, GinnyMcQueen, guillermau, Haelwenn, jinxx, Jonathan Aylard, Keunes, M.G, marzzzello, Mathé Grievink, Mélanie Chauvel, Mjourdan, Morgan Kesler, Noureddine HADDAG, Noe Gaumont, Ollie, Peter Wickenberg, Renon, Satsuki Yanagi, Shlee, techknowlogick, ThibG, Tony Wasserka, unklebonehead, wakest, wxcafé, Xosé M and every one else we may have forgot.

We couldn't have done it without you!

:otto: :serenity: :wanda:

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