@funkwhale issue. Change my phone, and since I wasn't able to use any android app. For example, Audinat crash (when it load the library), same as Otter (happened in my previous phone), UltraSonic and DSub can connect to servers, but when I go to library, search, go to an artist gives me error of that I must see the correct direction. What can it be? It's kind of annoying


@TecnoChango Can you please verify that the "Browse with Tags" checkbox is checked in DSub/Ultrasonic?

In DSub, it's on the server configuration screen, in Ultrasonic, it's in the global settings IIRC.

@funkwhale it wasn't, thank you very much! How do I see offline mode on ultrasonic? Or just download the album

@TecnoChango i'm not really familiar with Ultrasonic, but on Dsub you can "cache" tracks and albums individually, which gives you the ability to listen to these when switching to offline mode

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