Just cancelled my Spotify premium subscription. Two days ago I deployed a @funkwhale instance and I couldn't be happier. It works amazingly well, and in combination with DSub on the phone I've got all my music needs covered.

First thing I did when I had it working, I bought some of the albums that I was listening to from their artists so I could add them to my collection. I have the feeling that money will reach the creators better this way than through my old subscription.

@miguel @funkwhale how does upload your music library for sharing square with copyright, and how do artists benefit more from this than e.g. Spotify 's scheme?


@ton @miguel by default, uploaded content isn't shared publicly. Copyrighted content should be uploaded in a private library (that may be shared in small circles, like friends/family). Check our documentation at docs.funkwhale.audio/users/upl for more information about this.

Assuming you acquired your music collection legally, for instance via Bandcamp, then the artists probably gets more than they would through Spotify.

Also, we're working on Retribute (docs.funkwhale.audio/users/upl) to support tipping your favorite artists based on your listening history :)

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