0.19 will be out soon. The first release candidate was published 15 minutes ago, and we expect a final release around March 16, which should leave enough time to:

- Translators, to work on new translations
- Instance owners, to deploy the release candidate, report regressions and bugs
- Contributors, to fix potential issues

Check out to learn what's included in this big release, and how to try it!

Thank you for your help, let's catch the bugs!

It's hard to summarize everything, but among other things, this release includes:

- Ability to suggest/review modifications on artist, albums and tracks pages
- Admin UI to browse, search, review and delete artists, albums, tracks, libraries and uploads
- A new "filter" feature to completely hide some artists in the UI, queue and radios
- Support for OAuth2 authorization workflow
- Dynamic page title to reflect the currently playing track
- Improved error handling and display during import

- Support for embedding a complete artist discography
- Support for S3-compatible external storages
- A dedicated "albums" tab to browse… albums
- Prefetching of next track in queue, to reduce the time spent waiting for buffering

And dozens of of bugfixes and enhancements (the full changelog can be found here:

If you're a , the source strings were updated on weblate, and you can start working on new translations right now ❤️

Of course it's May 16 and not March, sorry about that :D

Our next candidate for the 0.19 release is out. Say hi to 0.19.0-rc2.

This one fixes a few bugs that were reported in the previous rc, includes new translations, enhancements, and the ability to serve audio content directly from a S3 bucket.

Give it a try and let us know if it works for you!

Up until now, everything is going pretty smoothly, so you can expect a final release next week :)

@funkwhale Italian 100%, going for a general revision and approval in the coming days. :thinkergunsunglasses:
Btw i left you some comments here and there to correct some source's small errors 😉

@funkwhale Oh, look at the fancy Funkwhale people with their fancy transtemporal pre-releases!

@therealraccoon "unfortunately, our CI/CD pipeline was misconfigured, and the 0.19 release was published in the past. We lost 4 months of work."

@funkwhale je vais essayer de poursuivre la traduction ce week-end, je suis un peu court en temps en ce moment

@Quenti pas de soucis, sinon ça passera en 0.19.1, donc pas de panique !

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