Dear Community,

We're migrating our forums to a new place, for reasons outlined here:

If you were using to get in touch with the Funkwhale community, you should now use instead :)

Thank you very much for reading and sharing!

@funkwhale Problem: Loomio won't let me in without registering myself. This makes it hard to follow along without using significant energy.

@zatnosk you should be able to visit and browse threads without prior registrations? It doesn't work for you?

@funkwhale Oh right. It's just that redirects me to /dashboard which requires login.

That's still a small problem, though, for people who - like me - assumes the root path will give me an idea of where to start.

@funkwhale Nice! Good work.
I still get thrown to dashboard & login prompt if I click the loomio logo in the top, but that's possibly just bad design from loomios part.

@zatnosk yeah, this is the dashboard, and I cannot easily put a redirection there because this is actually a useful page when you're logged in :/

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