So I know funkwhale is a thing, right?

But I don't know anything about it.

Is anyone using it? Is there cool music I can find on funkwhale?

Is it worth investing time in learning another platform at this time?


You could try the Funkwhale instance if you like creative commons music?

@switchingsocial So how confident can I be that the music I encounter on this instance is creative commons licensed?

Is it usually uploaded by the artist or a third party?

Is there someone checking licenses? I don't want to be a copyright narc, but I also don't want to have a useful legal service get shut down because it's being abused, you know?

And when I go to browse right now, one of the first tracks is a Joni Mitchel track that is definitely still under copyright.

@ajroach42 @funkwhale

Yeah, I'm not really sure about that side of things, I think they would know best.

Regarding, I believe the bulk of its tracks are a backup of the Free Music Archive (which was under threat at the time).

@switchingsocial @ajroach42 hey there, sorry, I'm a bit late to the party :D has open signup, but uploading content require manual approval by instance admins (@eliotberriot, a.k.a. me at the moment). Usually, people contact me by email and explain they want to upload their work on the instance, I quickly check if they are serious, and grant them some upload space.

@ajroach42 apparently, someone misused their upload permission and upload a Joni Mitchell track recently. I've removed it, thank you for the report.

Apart from creator-uploaded work, as @switchingsocial explained, also includes a bunch (roughly a third) of the Free Music Archive, :)

@funkwhale @switchingsocial Neat!

So for creator uploaded work, does it need to have a specific license?


@ajroach42 @switchingsocial if you want to upload your work on, you need an open license, yes.

Other Funkwhale instances may have different rules :)

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