Today’s #IloveFS day! 

What free/libre software do you use to help you fulfill your musical needs? Check this thread for some of my personal favorites…


Did you know that #Kodi is also an audio player? It even has specific features for music videos. You should give it a try! <3 #IloveFS

#Beets is “the media library management system for obsessive-compulsive music geeks” and I have nothing more to say, except that I love its #IloveFS <3

#Funkwhale is “a modern, convivial and free music server”. I love using it to access my full musical library from my mobile when I’m on the go. There’s nothing like streaming #FLAC on a 4G network while commuting. <3 #IloveFS @funkwhale

Both #Beets and #Funkwhale rely heavily on #MusicBrainz, an “open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public”. I’ve been a MusicBrainz enthusiast and editor for the longest of time. Look up your favorite artist there, you might discover things you never suspected! <3 #IloveFS @funkwhale

@rgggn @funkwhale i wanted to use it but realised that they reserve the right to make money with my music. so ... what is this?

@rgggn @funkwhale "Furthermore, MusicBrainz users give the MetaBrainz Foundation the right to license this data for commercial use."


@moagee @rgggn well, it's the metadata (like the release names and track titles), not the music itself, I don't find the clause really surprising.

@funkwhale @rgggn so, when i use funkwhale and the instance, then i don't need to use musicbrainz? thought it was the cause, that your instance says, nope, your track is not tagged bymusicbrainz. ^^ thanks for your help!

@moagee @rgggn well if your work is not in the MusicBrainz database, you'd need to tag your files by hand (see to ensure they are displayed properly :)

@funkwhale @moagee you can also just add your music's metadata to MusicBrainz. I can help if needed.

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