Lots of thanks to everyone for suggestions for the Adobe CC alternatives list.

Here it is, let me know if there's anything you want added/corrected:


(Natron looks good too but it seems to be no longer maintained, and its official website's certificate has expired.)

#Adobe #CreativeCloud

@switchingsocial how about alternatives for audio/podcasting?


Good point!

I forgot to add any audio :O

Has anyone got any recommendations?

@switchingsocial @Joe Audio like recording (i.e. DAWs)?

Audacity (more lightweight/simple) and Ardour (full featured DAW) are the first that come to mind, personally.

@kithop @Joe

This is for the "alternatives to Adobe CC" page so alternatives to Audition, I guess.

@Joe @switchingsocial Yeah, in that case probably Ardour. I still use Pro Tools personally (more music stuff than podcasts), but there are a couple other open source ones listed here I hadn't heard of:


@kithop @switchingsocial so what about alternatives to iTunes? Simpler, I guess, as there are various podcatchers if one has a feed

@Joe @switchingsocial Playback, like iTunes, with Podcast support (i.e. pulling from RSS feeds and such)

@kithop @switchingsocial there ought to be some kind of federated thing for audio..

@switchingsocial @kithop @funkwhale haha, never heard of that! I guess that could have an instance with podcasts


@switchingsocial @Joe @kithop yes! Funkwhale will happily accept any audio you upload (assuming the audio file has at least an Artist, Album and Title tag), but non-musical content won't be advertised at such right now :)

@funkwhale @switchingsocial @kithop how does it work? Could I have a funkwhale instance of just spoken podcasts?

@Joe @switchingsocial @kithop basically yes.

Funkwhale instances accept one or multiple users. If you join an existing instance, like open.audio, you'd have to request some storage space to upload your work.

If you set up your own instance, you can of course do what you want, but regardless of your choice, if you share your work publicly, it will be eventually federated to other instance, and embeddable via an Iframe on third-party websites

@funkwhale @switchingsocial @kithop ah ok. Not sure I have the funds to host my own but it is an interesting idea.

@Joe @switchingsocial @kithop if your content is under an open license, you can sign up on open.audio , give me your username and I'll grant you some storage space to try the whole concept :)

@funkwhale @switchingsocial @kithop I don't have any content. And even if I did, the license would have to be with creators.

Can you access the MP3 files and auto generate RSS feed files for podcasts?
@Joe @switchingsocial @kithop

@dheadshot @Joe @switchingsocial @kithop you can access and download the source files, but we don't generate the RSS that would enable podcasting support yet :)

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