Let me introduce the brand new Network page!


It's a magical place where you can:

- Browse data about the network
- Submit your instance for inclusion in the statistics

Collected data is made available at network.funkwhale.audio/dashbo. More dashboards will come in the future, but you can already have an idea of the number of instances, active users, and the growth!

If you own an instance, simply visit network.funkwhale.audio/ to have it included :)


Data collection honor the "Private mode in nodeinfo" setting in your Instance configuration. If for some reason, you want to opt-out from the statistics, just check this box and the nex time your instance is crawled, we'll delete existing data and honor your choice :)

Thanks to this data, we'll be able to answer common questions about the network (how many servers are there? How much people are using Funkwhale?). This will also power our instance picker!

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