0.18 “Naomi” is out!

And it's huge (check out the changelog if you don't trust me ;)

This release is dedicated to Naomi, an early contributor and beta tester of Funkwhale. Her positivity, love and support have been incredibly helpful and helped shape the project as you can enjoy it today. Thank you so much Naomi <3



I'm going to highlight some of the changes in the release in a thread.

First of all, Naomi includes three new exciting features:

- Storing displaying licensing information about uploaded tracks
- Embedding tracks and albums on third party websites via an iframe (and oembed)
- Transcoding of audio files to support a wider range of browsers and clients
- Instance-level controls to understand and change the way your instance federates with other instances and accounts

Apart from those visible features, there are countless enhancements and fixes that will improve user experience:

- Audio progress bar gives more feedback about what's going on (loading, playing, etc.)
- Support for multi-disc albums
- Huge performance improvements on the front-end (loading time, data usage, reactivity, etc.)
- Lots of accessibility improvements (especially for the player)
- Better results returned when searching

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On the server side, we've updated all of our dependencies to their latest versions, which should fix some performance issues and memory leaks that affected previous versions.

The importer is also more resilient to some edge cases (cover and date parsing, etc.).

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Finally, our docker image is now based on Alpine, leading to smaller size, and better security.

We also have a brand new mono-container Docker image and it's a breeze to setup. Our documentation have been updated to include this alternative Docker deployment!

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If you like what you see, want to support our work and can spare a buck or two, remember we have a donation page at opencollective.com/funkwhale!

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@funkwhale thank you for your work, especially the inclusion of the licencing information!

@luka thanks ❤ it's still pretty new, but that was an important step for the project!

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