Dear translators,

I just freezed translation strings for the 0.18 and pushed them to our weblate instance. I've also enabled three new languages (Esperanto, Russian and Galician) since those were either completely or almost completely translated.

There are alot of new strings, and you'll have at least a full week (but possibly more, since we're aiming for a release during the month) to translate new content.

Thank you so much for your involvement!

@funkwhale I'm waiting for the French translation xD Some parts are not clear ^^ Enfin, pour faire les accords en genre et nombre surtout ^^

@Quenti pour la prochaine version, j'aimerai bien rajouter des contextes sur l'ensemble des chaines sources pour faciliter ce genre de choses mais c'est un gros boulot :s

Just comment the string where the context is missing, it's better to make the task easier, then @funkwhale will add that specific context or a corresponding screenshot :)

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