Some #GoodNews from the #FreeMusicArchive. Details are sketchy, but what they can tell us for now is that the site will *not* go down on Dec 1. Uploads are still suspended for now, and their collection is still being mirrored by, which is good anyway. #WatchThisSpace

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@strypey @musicman i'll try to setup a Funkwhale mirror this month, any help welcome

@strypey @musicman

Well, based on my preliminary research, to mirror the FMA we need:

1. An estimation of the size of the FMA (number of tracks, and total size of files)
2. A funkwhale instance were we can import the music
3. A script to crawl/download the whole archive
4. Permission from the FMA to run the script (since it may increase their bandwidth cost)
5. Funding to cover the hosting costs, if relevant

@strypey @musicman

I think I can provide 2. and 3., so any help on the other aspects would be amazing. If you have the time to research 1., contact the FMA about 4., provide hosting resources (or funding), that would be awesome!

@funkwhale they've specifically asked that people not to scrape the site. So the people to talk to about both the size of the FMA collections, and how to get a copy, would be the folks at who are doing an official mirror. See:
@switchingsocial @musicman

@funkwhale might also be approachable about providing hosting for an instance of #FunkWhale serving the #FMA collection - and potentially other libre music collections they hold - to the #fediverse. Again, the folks working on archiving the FMA seem like the best people to talk to.
@switchingsocial @musicman

@strypey @musicman thank you for the clarification. Since seem to allow (and even encourage) scraping / downloading, and I found a way to get the tagged files (by downloading the originals), that's a few questions/problems solved!

@strypey @musicman

Just to let you know, following our discussion from last week, I'v started writing a small utility to grab the FMA content from

I plan to mirror at least a part of the FMA on using this :)

So, I've imported ~25Gb of music from the Free Music Archive on using this method.

It worked beautifully, and it's now available for the whole federation. Follow this library from your Funkwhale instance and you'll have access to it:

You can also visit directly to listen to all this new content! (you don't need an account ;)

Since this Proof of Concept work, the next step will probably be to mirror the complete FMA. I expect the whole thing to weight many, many terrabytes though, so we'd have to figure out how and where to store that!


I've launched a download task for ~2000 more albums (roughly 5-10 times what was already downloaded). I expect it to take an additional 200Gb of disk space.

This import went well too, and I launched another mirrorring tasks for 4000 additionnal albums before going to sleep yesterday.

All of this is currently importing into, but I'm confident saying that in a ~60 minutes, almost 350Gb of additionnal CC music (6000 albums, 40K tracks) from the FMA will be available!

In total, I'd say we have roughly 40% of the FMA mirrored on, which takes less space than I initially expected.

@funkwhale ha oui fma,, l'instance de @shiro , je connais.


@gordon @shiro alors je gère déjà 3 instances, on va peut-être se calmer :D

@funkwhale Non je suis à peu près sûre que c'était plutôt une demande à @shiro, ne t'inquiète pas. @gordon

@funkwhale @shiro nan mais je parlais à Shiro, c'est son domaine 😃

@funkwhale @shiro et du coup vu qu'il n'a pas réagi, il doit être en train d'installer l'instance :blobnom:

> Due to traffic, the site's been up and down today (11/08). Please DO NOT try to scrape the site, friends!
It was you? 😁

@marsxyz yeah, that's pretty much my current state of mind right now

@funkwhale je savais pas qu'il y avait autant de musique libre :')

@Nausicaa moi non plus. J'ai commencé à écouter un peu au hasard du coup, je tombe sur des trucs vraiment bien !

@funkwhale j'ai honte de donner un lien youtube (mais c'est dans mon historique et flemme de chercher) mais j'adore cette musique (libre) :

elle me fait bouger le popotin

@Nausicaa ah oui, on en a sur l'instance de demo du Professeur Kliq je crois !

This is awesome! Great work @funkwhale . I presume that once normal transmission resumes at the #FMA, both and will be able to fill any gaps in your copies of the FMA collections.

@funkwhale Have you had any interest from the folks in running their own instance(s) of #FunkWhale, and hooking it up to the various audio collections they store? That would be an amazing boost to the range of works available to the FW federation. Does FunkWhale include the ability for instances to mirror collections, or use #WebTorrent like #PeerTube does, to reduce the load on popular instances?

@strypey sorry, I forgot to answer you earlier.

I did not contact because, to be frank I don't feel comfortable suggesting using Funkwhale on such a large scale as long as we don't have a stable release of the project.

I agree it would be awesome to have all the content fueled directly on Funkwhale's federation though!

There is no mirroring mecanism built-into the project yet :)

@funkwhale fair enough. Got to crawl before you can walk, eh? :)

@funkwhale is down? Maybe there was an error with the import after all hehe

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