Ok, it's time shape Funkwhale's future, in terms of moderation and anti-abuse tools!

We can and will reuse tools from existing projects, but there are also things we'll have to work out ourselves.

If you want to be a part of that, the whole discussion will take place here:
(you can answer this post as well but please read the issue before!)

Take the time you need to read / contribute. the issue will remain for at least a few weeks before any implementation happens.

@funkwhale pour les français.e, vous trouverez dans le post précédent un lien vers un premier brouillon décrivant ce qui pourrait être inclut dans Funkwhale en terme de modération et d'outil de prévention du harcèlement ou des abus.

Je ne peux malheureusement pas maintenir ce document en deux langues par manque de temps, mais si vous avez un avis sur la question et ne pouvez pas vous exprimer en anglais, parlons en ici et j’inclurai vos retours dans la discussion :)

@eliotberriot Tu cherches des personnes qui peuvent traduire cela en plusieurs langues du coup ?

@Niquarl dans l'absolu oui, j'ai juste peur que ça soit chaud à gérer car c'est encore un travail en cours, donc il va y avoir des éditions en permanence, des commentaires, etc.

@funkwhale As said a great start is an abuse reporting functionality and a blacklist for users.
I'd add a way to acknowledge the copyright form applied to each track/album (ID3 tags have this).
I'm planning to use it with a webradio so I'm going to insert a release note/disclaimer, but it's a good idea to have one for every instance, in the footer perhaps.

@cirku17 you're completely right, there is a strong necessity to have track licence stored in the DB and displayed obviously in the app.

We have an open issue for that, and the implementation is planned for the next release, but I'll add a reference in the moderation issue as well :)

@funkwhale Wow, funkwhale really does take safety seriously!

Thanks for sharing, and setting a good example for other projects!

@dansup there is also a strong incentive for doing so, as music is a scary place in terms of copyright infringement laws / regulations :D

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