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has always missed a dedicated place for the community to discuss. Of course, we have our matrix rooms, but it's not well suited for structured conversations between multiple people.

Thanks to @prismo, we now have a dedicated forum at! also hosts other projects such as PixelFed or Anfora, it will make it easier for everyone to get involve and to collaborate and fediverse projects :)

Have fun!

It will be good to have federated platform to host the forum and blog. There was #plume blog for the #funkwhale,what happened to it? #hubzilla and #Friendica offer forum pages so that people can comment on it from federation. #hubzilla also offer wiki and articles.There is calendar,payment addon,rss feeds for forum and more. There are many good project with forums and blogs which people are willing to join, but the problem is creating accounts and visiting them again is a headache.

@anmol even if not federated, Discourse is still free software and a pretty solid forum solution.

I agree with you: creating yet another account for that is a headache. However, Hubzilla is still a really small network, so using it would not solve this particular problem for 99% of the people out there.

(Funkwhale's blog will keep running on Plume by the way, our most recent article was published three days ago)

Yes but #Hubzilla #friendica and #diaspora has no limit of characters and have formatting option.Further people can follow them and comment form #mastodon #diaspora #Hubzilla #friendica, basically all the federation which makes it easier to follow and comment by having all the post on one place.Together hubzilla,diaspora and friendica are big community for larger posts. Larger post federated with proper format on them.But I agree #discourse is prefect solution for open source #forum.

@funkwhale @prismo Isn't that forum software 'discourse'? Is there federation stuff layered on top of it, or is the point of this just to offer it as-a-service? (I'm a web developer, so feel free to talk technical)

@zaclittleberry @prismo yes, it is a Discourse server. There is no federation on top of it, it's just a place where people can gather and discuss about some fediverse projects (including Funkwhale, Pixelfed, Prismo, etc.)

@funkwhale @prismo Ok. cool. Thanks! I've followed discourse for a while and considered it for some stuff I'm working on but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on something :P

Just a clarification. #Hubzilla is not a small network, if I remember correctly, it was the first to implement #ActivityPub. It is also connected to the old #OStatus protocol which is itself not small either. It is also connected to #Diaspora protocol.

#Friendica is already testing #ActivityPub connection, which itself is connected to diaspora and OStatus.

They are actually bigger currently, as far as network is concerned.

Again, just clarifying that these are not "small". I'm not talking about which platform to use. :)

@Funkwhale @anmol

@yahananxie @anmol thank you for the clarification, I was simply looking at the stats from and made my conclusion from that, but maybe those stats are not accurate at all for all the networks / projects.

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