0.16.1 is out. As you may guess, it's a minor , focusing more on bugfixes and stability than on new features.

However, this one still introduce a cool new thing: theming! That's right, instance owners can now use the full power of CSS to customize their instances. If you're interested, have a look at the documentation:

As usual, the full changelog is available here:

Happy upgrade!


Many thanks to all the contributors involved in this release: users, reporters, testers, developers, translators, you're the real MVP!


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@Nausicaa not yet, it's more of a customization applied at the instance level, but it's a step toward proper theming!

@funkwhale it's already very nice ^^

I look forward a dark themed instance :D

@luka you're welcome! By the way, the public playlist issue you reported should be fixed in that release ;)

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