If you're interested in , you probably want to have a look at this:

TL;DR: big changes are coming, and your feedback as an instance owner, user or creator would be hugely appreciated to ensure we're doing the right think!

@funkwhale i wonder if user-libraries could also support some sort of file structure. Deduplications sounds like a good idea but may backfire if someone uploads flac and it gets rejected because there's already mp3 uploaded by someone else, or vice versa...

@hj in the first iteration, there is no deduplication planned, but I was thinking about a warning of some kind if one track you're uploading is already available in a library you have access to, with a way to bypass it if you want.

I don't think keeping the file structure is possible when you're uploading via a web browser, however, we could imagine a client you would install on your machine to sync your libraries accross devices that would enable this use case!

@funkwhale I'm more talking about putting file in a folder after upload, or giving it a category or something. I think i've made an issue about that some time ago.

@hj I think I remember that. I cannot find the ticket again though, but I've been thinking more and more about allowing user to add custom tags to artists / albums / tags, which would be very flexible.

That would be a first step toward more personal classification of the music. What do you think?

@funkwhale ill give you an answer tomorrow because im going to bed now. I have some ideas.

@hj sure, there is no rush! Thank you for taking the time :)

@funkwhale first step would probably be allowing use of tags, i.e. tagging music with #happy or #soundtrack, another good feature would be allowing for assigning a category - i think it should be in a similar manner you can categorize an article on Wordpress - an article can have only one category but multiple tags, while categories can also be nested, i.e. (Sountrack > Movie). Internally, each music file should have a category and set of tags associated, not artist/album, but UI may allow for bulk-changing that.

Adding tags and/or categories would allow browsing by them, and could be exposed to Subsonic API, namely you could (should be configurable in user settings) expose tags as genres in "by genre" query, and categories can be exposed as a filesystem (nesting categories would help with that, too).

@hj thanks! I understand what you mean, the parallel with WordPress pretty much sums it up.

However, I'm not sure if this categorization should occur at the user level and be specific to each user, or be shared on the instance/federation?

@funkwhale well since it's user-centric now i think it should be per-user, too. So that if you share library with another user they won't mess with your categorization and tags - so genre wars would't happen and creators sharing their work won't get "bag song" tags or something.

However, you could aggregate tags for each song from every user, something steam does with user-suggested tags.
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