Allright! The build or the 0.16 are finished, so you can now upgrade your instance.

Why would you do that? I'm glad you asked!

The changelog is bigger than usual and includes a lot of new features, enhancements and bugfixes:

- The library page has been redesigned
- The interface is ready for internationalization (and already fully translated in French, Occitan and Polish)
- Users can now have avatars

Changelog available at

From now on, upgrade steps that require manual actions from instance owners are explicitely in the changelog (for instance:

I wish you a happy upgrade, and send many, many thanks to all the people who contributed to this release, be it code, ideas, translations, design, testing, packaging...


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@funkwhale 🤔 je peux passer de la 0.14 à la 0.16 sans risque ou pas 😅

@KazukyAkayashi tant que tu suis toutes les étapes manuelles d'upgrade décrites dans le changelog des deux versions, normalement oui :)

@funkwhale I just did some work on the Spanish translation, but it might be good to have separate latinoamerican spanish and spain spanish versions in the future? My translation could be too informal in latinoamerica or something.

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