Yeah! The demo should be back up now, with more content. It now includes:

- fake users
- fake playlists
- fake favorites
- fake listenings (~scrobbles)

This is generated randomly, so the data will change everytime the demo is reset (every hour), featuring different artists, covers, etc.

All of this being tied to real music content provided by nice creators! Thank you so much for being so helpful, and don't worry, if your content was not included, it can easily be :)

By the way, the demo is now completely open to anonymous user (no need to login anymore). If you still want to login, use demo/demo as credentials ;)

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@valere oui il est 11h pile, du coup reset en cours :D

C'est bon maintenant!

petits problèmes de responsive, je ferais peut-être quelques PR cette aprém 😉

@starfish c'est plus sympa que la version qu'on vous a fait tester c'est clair :D

@funkwhale I do make music from time to time. And I can also do a bit sysadmin. Please notify me when this thing is ready for production. Perhaps I'll upload my music to it, and depending on the resource required, I may host a server. 😀

@Sadale There is no 1.0 release, but I tend to think the project in itself is pretty stable, and upgrade works correctly ;)

You can find some insights about required resources in!

@funkwhale Seems the design could be made a tiny bit more consistent by moving the play buttons next to the menu button, just like the playlist cards?

@trwnh Thank you for sharing!

Since this design is completely new compared to what we had before, we'll stick to the current version and gather feedback for the next release :)

@selea it's the link to the image (at least it should be). Weird!

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