@funkwhale Is it just me or is Polish always the first translation?

@faissaloo Actually, it was arabic in our case! (But tbh, @m4sk1n submitted a polish translation even before we had the translation system finished :p)

@faissaloo @funkwhale not always, but I am searching ActivityPub-related projects on GitHub and looking at #activitypub hashtag in the Fediverse almost everyday, so… :P

@m4sk1n @faissaloo @funkwhale I wonder how many people there are worldwide now that are doing this? maybe 10 of us?

@funkwhale Thanks, I tried to understand the context by reading corresponding source code, but I’ve misread one string…

@m4sk1n it's not your fault ! We need to add contexts on source strings, and screenshots of the interface as well in weblate to ensure translators can do their work properly.

It's a huge work though :/

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