Hi! It's been a long time since the last gif!

The next release will include a new invitation system to make it easier for instance owners to let their friend and family join their instances without opening signup completely.

You can see how it works below (as well as a brief glance of the new "user admin" area):

Only admins generate those codes, they are valid for 14 days and can be deleted at any time.

I might as well show you the interface to manage users. This still pretty basic, but you can use it to:

- list all the users of your instance
- search them
- order by signup date, last activity date, etc.
- see their permissions, status, email
- grant or remove them permissions
- activate/deactivate their account

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@deadsuperhero thanks, I had quite some fun working on that, and it's been missing for a long time!

@funkwhale This. Should. Be. Everywhere in the Fediverse!!!

That's an important step to lowering the entry barrier - let friends invite friends not by convincing them to register, but just providing a link.

But, why only admins? Shouldn't regular users be able to invite too?

@funkwhale Ah, didn't read the post completely.
Still, I think if the signup is open, regular users should be able to use invitations, I think.

@drequivalent maybe there is a use case that I don't have in mind, but in "open signup" mode, users could just send a link to the signup form to their friends? (This could be more obvious in the UI though)

In "closed signup" mode, I agree it can be problematic that only admins can do that. The rationale is that instances may hold sensitive/copyrighted content, and as an admin, you don't want anybody to be ablo to invite/join your instance.

@drequivalent we could make it more configurable though, like having X invitations per user, or being able to give a specific permission to allow inviting without being an instance admin.

@funkwhale When creating an invitation, provide an option to input an E-mail address of the invited user.

1) Funkwhale can send an invitation to E-mail
2) One less step to worry about when the user registers: they will only choose a name and a password.

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