@funkwhale What's this way of managing the changelog ? Is that folder with PR numbers ? o.O Is that a known convention or something ?

@aleks here is our changelog workflow:

1. Merge requests include a changelog fragment (as found in code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhal). The fragment describes the change, references the fixed issue, and it's file extension indicates the type of change (bugfix, doc, feature...)
2. Upon release, fragments are concatenated together by github.com/hawkowl/towncrier, appended to the changelog (code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhal), and the fragments files are removed


@aleks now, why is that?

First, it is helpul to keep consistency in the way the changelog is written. Fragments merging is done using a template, meaning contributors only need to write a meaningful description, and it will be outputted with the correct format, section, line-lenght, etc.

Also because contributors never need to edit the CHANGELOG file themselves, we avoid a lot of conflicts that usually happens when people edit the same file at the same time in various branches.



In the end, it's easy for:

- contributors: run `echo "Implemented awesome stuff (#42)" > changes/changelog.d/42.feature"`, and you're done with documenting your changes
- maintainers: run `towncrier` and you get a changelog with proper format, sections, etc.


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