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It's #FollowFriday so time for some #alternatives to follow:

@funkwhale FunkWhale: Open source federated alternative to GrooveShark and SoundCloud

@prismo Prismo: Federated open source alternative to Reddit, in development.

@Fairphone and @WeAreFairphone Fairphone: Makers of fairtrade modular smartphones

@kevinbeynon Libreture: eBook storage site and comprehensive list of non-DRM eBook publishers.

@clickblaster ClickBlaster: Endless clickbait! :blobastonished:

#FF #FFed #Recommendations

I might as well show you the interface to manage users. This still pretty basic, but you can use it to:

- list all the users of your instance
- search them
- order by signup date, last activity date, etc.
- see their permissions, status, email
- grant or remove them permissions
- activate/deactivate their account

Hi! It's been a long time since the last gif!

The next release will include a new invitation system to make it easier for instance owners to let their friend and family join their instances without opening signup completely.

You can see how it works below (as well as a brief glance of the new "user admin" area):

Only admins generate those codes, they are valid for 14 days and can be deleted at any time.

After discussing with @dansup this morning, I've opened a bunch of issues regarding user activity federation in Funkwhale:

You may remember that right now, federation is only about sharing tracks between instances. Once the previous milestone is implemented, users will be able to follow each others on the fediverse, comment on music on so on.

I guess I have my summer scheduled ;)

0.14.2 it out, freshly cooked!

As an instance owner, especially if you have open signup, you shoud upgrade as soon as possible: this includes a patch for a permission issue where any user could delete or edit radios that where shared publicly.

Other interesting stuff:

- Apache2 support is now at parity with nginx in term of features
- Funkwhale is now AGPL-3 licenced
- Fixed a pagination issue in the Subsonic API that broke full access to a library

Following our ongoing structuration work for the project, we've been working today on a moderation policy draft with @albakham.

Before actually adopting it, we would like some feedback about it. If you are interested, everything is here:

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Just in case you hadn't noticed, @funkwhale is aiming to cover the music listening use case in the Fediverse through ActivityPub support:

The 0.14.1 is out. It patches several annoying issues, especially in the importer, and also includes a HUGE performance boost during CLI import (we're talking x5 to x7 speed on files that have musicbrainz tags).

The transcoding feature was also removed, as it was broken, resource-hungry, poorly-designed and incompatible with Apache2 and Subsonic. A cleaner implementation will come later.

As usual, the full changelog may be found at

happy upgrade :), sorry, it's not!

It is now possible to signup or login on using or as an auth provider. This should reduce the barrier to entry for new people willing to contribute but not willing to create and manage another account on another platform.

If you want to connect an existing account to a third-party account, simply visit

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The issue to relicence Funkwhale to AGPL is open. This follows, of course, what have been done recently by @pixelfed (see

Feedback/comments welcome!

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I have a bunch (maybe silly) questions about Code of Conducts (CoC). What do you like in CoCs? Do you have exemples of good or bad CoCs? What is useless in CoCs? What is a good way to enforce a CoC?

I'm especially interested in opinions from people that are victims of harassment.

I'm thinking about having a CoC in Funkwhale, but I don't want to blindly copy-paste something.

Public or DM answers accepted, thank you for your time!

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@funkwhale 0.14, released two days ago is now ready for testing on #yunohost, please give your feedback:

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Bon, du coup maintenant que je n'ai plus de travail, est-ce que vous connaitriez un moyen de trouver des missions freelance / micro-entreprise ?

Boosts appréciés

Also, contributions on issues that are not part of the milestone can still be added to the next release!

For the 0.15, I'd like to fix those issues:

If you feel like an issue should be tackled for the next release, you can add a comment in the ticket, or more simply, upvote the ticket.


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Some interesting enhancements are:

- A way smarter importer regarding album covers handling
- A performance increase on some heavy api endpoints
- Album covers support in the Subsonic API (tested under DSub)
- History recording via the Subsonic API (tested under DSub)
- The ability to launch a full import on a federated library

That's it for now, read the full changelog if you're curious ;)