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0.16.3 is out. I know, we jumped straight from the 0.16.1 to this one, the fact is that the 0.16.2 introduced a critical bug, so let assume it did not exist.

By upgrading, you'll fix:

- A CLI importer error on higher version of Python 3
- A front-end issue where the user was asked to chose an instance when visiting for the first time

Changelog is available here, as well as the upgrade instructions:

Thank you for your patience, happy upgrade!

There is a bug in the just released 0.16.2 version, please don't upgrade, a 0.16.3 is coming right up.

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You can now listen to our (Kamizdat) Netlabel Day compilation in a public playlist available on :funkwhale:
#FunkWhale instance: (click + submit - sorry for a bug)

(thanks to @funkwhale for fixes in new release of :funkwhale: that enables public listening of playlists and of course @Curator for managing!)

if you want to download the compilation or stream from Bandcamp:

#MastoMusic #CreativeCommons #Kamizdat

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I will be extremely excited when the first toot goes really viral and the author replies with "wow this blew up. check out my @funkwhale "

Many thanks to all the contributors involved in this release: users, reporters, testers, developers, translators, you're the real MVP!


0.16.1 is out. As you may guess, it's a minor , focusing more on bugfixes and stability than on new features.

However, this one still introduce a cool new thing: theming! That's right, instance owners can now use the full power of CSS to customize their instances. If you're interested, have a look at the documentation:

As usual, the full changelog is available here:

Happy upgrade!



Okay it's a minor one, but still :D

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Tusky testing Show more

The Gitlab instance where is hosted is under heavy load, please don't panic if pages don't load or end up in 502 ;)

If you're interested in , you probably want to have a look at this:

TL;DR: big changes are coming, and your feedback as an instance owner, user or creator would be hugely appreciated to ensure we're doing the right think!

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You may have seen I've been working on per-user libraries for .

This is a really, really huge set of changes that impact a lot how the application will behave, both technically and functionally.

If you're remotely interested in Funkwhale, as a creator, user, instance owner..., please take some time to read this:

I tried to explain what is being done, why, and how it will affect your experience.

Let me know what you think about it.

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@tofeo il y a un forum pour demander si c'est normal avant de crier au loup ! Les solutions possédant un bouton unique pour faire tout ce que l'utilisateur souhaite n'existe pas. Car il y a un fossé entre ce qui est proposé, ce que l'utilisateur veut et ce que l'utilisateur pense avoir.
Ne désespère pas et met toi en relation avec les personnes du projet.
#YunoHost c'est aussi une communauté, elle fait partie du "produit" ! Et elle est d'un grand secours. Tu n'es pas seul !

Thank to amazing , is now available in four more languages:

- Italian, by @silkevicious
- German, by @jovuit (I miss the fediverse nickname, sorry :/)
- Spanish, by @lonsfor (same thing here)
- Portuguese (60% translated), by @Troll

Those have been integrated in the main branch and deployed on the demo server if you want to try it:

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@funkwhale #italian #translation now at 100%! 💪 🇮🇹
Sorry for the delay!
Can't wait to test it live to check it if everything is ok!

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You can now challenge someone to game of #chess over toots! 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the #fediverse, implementing #activitypub all by itself. 😃

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@DJJ & I've set it so people no longer need an account for now & will be based on bandwidth usage but now boasts almost 200 federated @funkwhale :funkwhale: accounts. : :music_collab: