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Ok, it's time shape Funkwhale's future, in terms of moderation and anti-abuse tools!

We can and will reuse tools from existing projects, but there are also things we'll have to work out ourselves.

If you want to be a part of that, the whole discussion will take place here:
(you can answer this post as well but please read the issue before!)

Take the time you need to read / contribute. the issue will remain for at least a few weeks before any implementation happens.

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@funkwhale @funkwhale I lasted 5 days, but finally did it ! It works :).

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Letzte Woche habe ich endlich @funkwhale installiert bekommen und es ersetzt damit meine #airsonic Instanz! 🙂 Gestern dann das update auf 0.17 eingespielt und es läuft immer noch 😍

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bo día! (máis ou menos 😜 )

Pero xa temos @funkwhale en #galego



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Coucou le #fediverse :mastodon:

Il est temps de donner un sacré coup de pouce à @eliotberriot pour le développement de @funkwhale !

Allez, faites des dons !

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Dear Mopidy users, may I suggest you have a look at this brand new Mopidy extension?

Basically, you can install it on your Mopidy server, and you'll be able to stream music available in your Funkwhale instance straight from Mopidy!

It's still pretty young (the baby is 5 hours old), so feedback is welcome!

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Podcast über Funkwhale

FediverseCast Episode

Joining us for episode 1 is Eliot Berriot, creator of Funkwhale! Mastodon links: Eliot: Funkwhale: @funkwhale Me: @kevinflo To contact the show: contact (at) Â

If you're interested in and , technically speaking, you'll probably want to have a read at our documentation on the subject.


If you want to drop a review and help to improve it, your feedback is welcome on

Thanks to amazing testers, we spotted a lot of bugs in the upcoming 0.17 version, and all of them should be fixed now:

The focus now is on the documentation, and if everything goes well, we can expect a release next monday.

I'll be freezing the translations right now so translators can work on them before the release!

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Just a clarification. #Hubzilla is not a small network, if I remember correctly, it was the first to implement #ActivityPub. It is also connected to the old #OStatus protocol which is itself not small either. It is also connected to #Diaspora protocol.

#Friendica is already testing #ActivityPub connection, which itself is connected to diaspora and OStatus.

They are actually bigger currently, as far as network is concerned.

Again, just clarifying that these are not "small". I'm not talking about which platform to use. :)

@Funkwhale @anmol

Hey there!

has always missed a dedicated place for the community to discuss. Of course, we have our matrix rooms, but it's not well suited for structured conversations between multiple people.

Thanks to @prismo, we now have a dedicated forum at! also hosts other projects such as PixelFed or Anfora, it will make it easier for everyone to get involve and to collaborate and fediverse projects :)

Have fun!

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game design is game development

UI/UX design and appraisal IS tech development

doing mockups and ideas is development work

writing documentation and editing the wording of said documentation, is development work

stop edging people out coz "they don't write code"

they are just as much developers as you are. hell, all my marketable skills lie in this gray area people like to look down on

Stop It.

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Announcing the first episode of a new podcast about the fediverse - FediverseCast! The show will feature conversations with cool fediverse makers and community members, hosted by @kevinflo

HUGE thanks to my first guest @eliotberriot creator of @funkwhale (Funkwhale)


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Deduplication of user uploaded files won't happen in next release, but the discussion have started. There are quite a few considerations, and not only technical ones. For instance, how do we manage user quota if files are deduplicated?

If you're interested, you can join the here:

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