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Second iteration of 's embed widget today, with:

- Multi tracks mode (as seen on first video)
- Better color palette thanks to @Troll
- Better accessibility (the whole think is now usable from keyboard only)
- Embed wizard inside Funkwhale to generate embed code, with preview (first video)
- Tweaks to have a responsive widget on really small widths
- Tests on my personnal website (second video)
- Other styling tweaks

I'm so happy to have this included in the next release!

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Je viens d'installer mon instance @funkwhale !!! \o/

Merci beaucoup à @eliotberriot, c'est le feu ce logiciel !!! 🔥 🎶 😁 Si tu veux, je te paie en câlins en attendant d'avoir un revenu ! :blobreach: (sinon je t'envoie des patates à manger ! 🥔)

Oh, et si vous avez des bibliothèques que je pourrais suivre, n'hésitez pas ! 😉

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we need #curator #help with https://aNONradio #archives - is there anyone out there than can go through our archives at and figure out what archives are good, which ones need to be edited and which ones can be deleted? It is 600GB of 192kbps mp3 audio. #please #thankyou @Curator

Reminder: you are welcome to join us on January to discuss about Funkwhale, what we should do, how, etc.

Details are here: :)

Rappel : vous êtes les bienvenu·es pour vous joindre à nous début janvier pour discuter de Funkwhale et de son avenir.

Tout les détails sont sur :)

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I have given my :funkwhale: :fediverse: server to the @funkwhale organization — it has become amazingly too big of a 🎼 :cc_cc: 🎵 space for me to own & felt it better in the hands of the :funkwhale: creator, @eliotberriot

Y'all are in good musical :fediverse: :cc_cc: hands. Thanks for inspiring others.

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#FunkWhale is an open source federated music streaming and storage service.

There's a demo instance using Creative Commons tracks here:

The official "Join Funkwhale" site is here:

You can follow them at:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Music #Audio #GrooveShark

Aaaaaaaand we're done!

That was an pretty busy day, but it went well overall. Migration is now over and you can start using :)

Check out if you want to know the details, or if you have cloned some funkwhale repositories, since you'll have to change the URL of the repo.


Can someone with an account on can try to login on with the same credentials and tell me how it went?

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PSA: on monday (december 10th), I'll be migrating our Gitlab server from to on Monday, to reduce the bus factor and increase the quality of service ;)

Expect some downtime that day, follow for updates!

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I spent my weekend ensuring plume docker builds (and others) were more stable and can be built reliably on arm32 and arm64.

I need to loop around to sort out a VPN kill switch.

if you have some spoons and access to an arm64v8 computer (of any form) I could use some help with plume. im seeing some odd build errors and have no real experience with rust... it looks like one of the dependencies has a nested dependency on a no longer supported library that's broken on arm64v8 and unlikely to receive a fix.

with our tumblr expats having a federated blog that is pre built for arm64v8 (raspberry pi 3, orange pi, aws, scaleway, others) is a HUGE deal

if we can work together as a community to nail this.... the federverse gains an important option for self hosting.

the plume docs are solid but builds for docker are a pain (I have notes to share). lets build this out shall we?

PSA: on monday (december 10th), I'll be migrating our Gitlab server from to on Monday, to reduce the bus factor and increase the quality of service ;)

Expect some downtime that day, follow for updates!

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I'm going to tweak our Weblate instance, expect some downtime :)

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Je suis entrain d'étudier avec d'autres chercheurs la possibilité de mettre en place une plateforme de discussions de papier scientifiques qui seraient décentralisée via #activitypub.

Vu le travail autour de @pixelfed, @funkwhale et peertube @chocobozzz , est ce qu' il y a un lieu privilégier pour en apprendre plus sur l'implémentation d'activitypub pour une plateforme?

Just opened two forums topic to discuss important questions:

- How do we invest a funding Funkwhale just received?
- What kind of legal entity should we setup around the project?

Having some feedback here would be incredibly useful!

If you're not familiar with forums, we got you covered: ;)

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⬆️This is the first entry of a series of weekly updates about I intend to publish every friday, starting today.

I hope you will enjoy it, and if you do, remember you can follow @funkwhale to get the next ones :)

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