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Dear Community,

We're migrating our forums to a new place, for reasons outlined here:

If you were using to get in touch with the Funkwhale community, you should now use instead :)

Thank you very much for reading and sharing!

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Funkwhale is building support for Artists and Podcasts

Soon, it will be possible to publish original music and podcasts to the fediverse from Funkwhale!

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@gwenn Hey, funkwhale is currently offered.

Plans are:
Small - 1 celery worker, 1 web thread, 50GB for $8USD/mo
Medium - 2 celery workers, 2 web, 100GB for $16USD/mo
Large - 4cw & 4web, 200GB $29USD/mo
Giant - 6cw & 6web 400GB $39USD/mo

Web threads are what respond to requests from your web browser, and celery workers are what handle background tasks such as federation. The more you have of both the faster your instance is.
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Audio federation from to seem to work 🎉

And by work I mean: propely. Not with a bunch of hacks just to showcase it, like I did in december.

(posting more in a few minutes)

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So I've included a full example in the video, in which you see me:

1. Creating a channel on (the development server with the latest channels-related code,
2. Copy the channel username from the UI
3. Paste the username in's search bar
4. Browse the corresponding profile in (with the channel cover and description)
4. Follow the channel in Mastodon
5. Publish two tracks in the channel, in Funkwhale's UI
6. Observe the corresponding tracks being displayed in Mastodon, with proper title and hashtags
7. After a while (there's a small delay in Mastodon), you can see the embedded player to listen to the tracks directly in Mastodon

Levels of excitement are rising!

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Funkwhale, podcasts/channels, dev thread, UI 

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🎶 🎶 Gonna start a revolution from my instance,
Coz <insert name> stood in my way with such insistence;
Look outside the internet's on fire.

Stand up now to big tech's disgrace,
Take your data off myspace,
Coz you weren't ever gonna own it anywaa-aay 🎶 🎶

Listen to all your favourite songs on the fedi's very own #Funkwhale. (Powered by #ActivityPub).


#Music #MastoMonday

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:wanda: :harriet: :serenity: :otto: :betty:

FR: vous êtes cordialement invité·es à nous rejoindre demain, samedi 15, à Paris, à L'Imprévu café, 9 Rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris, à partir de 16h. Ce sera l'occasion de se rencontrer de manière informelle autour de .

(merci de laisser un petit message si vous pensez éventuellement venir, histoire qu'on puisse voire venir s'in on est plus d'une douzaine).

À demain !

EN: you are cordially invited to join us tomorrow, Saturday 15th, in Paris, at L'Imprévu café, 9 Rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris, from 4pm. It will be an opportunity to meet informally around !

(please leave a short message if you think you might come, so that we can see if there are more than a dozen of us there).

See you tomorrow!

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Podcasting/channel development is moving forward (cf and, and we're looking for some feedback regarding the channel creation/management/uploading part.

We have a test platform for that purpose, so if you want in, all the instructions are available at


1. Visit
2. Create an account
3. Create one or more channel (creation is available in your profile)
4. Publish content in one or more channel
5. Test that the resulting RSS feed matches your expectations
6. Report in the forum thread any issue / glitches / bugs that occur during the process :D

(you can also report stuff here, but forum is preferred)

Thank you!

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Funkwhale, podcasts/channels, dev thread, UI 

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Funkwhale meeting in Paris, February 15th 

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Funkwhale, podcasts/channels, dev thread, UI 

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Friendly reminder that we use A LOT of pretty cool open-source/free software projects and tools for Funkwhale (both the app itself and our collective).

If you cannot support us directly, supporting these projects is a good way to help us on the long run!

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Funkwhale meeting in Paris, February 15th 

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Psst. If you're interested in #funkwhale why not check out ?

We offer free signup, a 5GB upload limit, and bleeding edge tracking of the development branch.

Beware, there may be bugs! But it helps us firm everything up for the next release.

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This was full of interesting discussions and people, I'm looking forward to see you again!

(And thanks to @NGIZero for the stickers!)

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