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Nouveau slogan :

« Mieux vaut du punk féministe que du funk pessimiste. »

Est-ce qu'il faut en faire des t-shirts ? :)

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There's a new available: say hi to Funkwhale 0.18.3 🎉

This is a small bugfix release that resolves various annoying bugs and introduce two interesting enhancements:

- You'll be warned if you try to leave the upload page if your uploads are not complete
- In-place imported files do not count in user quota anymore

*Lots* of fixes, enhancements and new guides were also submitted in our documentation and are now live on!

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:funkwhale: If you are interested in what @funkwhale is doing, we're putting together the roadmap for the project. If there's something you'd like to see happen, please let us know. 💙 🐋 🔊


Funkwhale Sync #4 will start in 45 minutes, remember to join a few minutes before (especially if you want to dicuss via audio) to ensure you have time to tweak your setup if needed :)

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Trying to crawl back from years of very bad abuse and poverty and saving up to try to move somewhere I can afford and not get threats in the mail: any bit helps! Even just a coffee or a donut.
😘 🙏 💰 :patreon: :ko_fi:

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@angristan [@]

Appears to be a bot spreading mysogeny and hatred towards women via the blog/URL

Probably deserves a suspension / nuke from orbit
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La version française de notre Code de Conduite est maintenant disponible sur, grâce aux efforts conjugés de @Arr0w_root @teslawf @gordon @albakham et @adrien

Bravo et merci pour la réactivité et la qualité de votre travail !

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Vous parlez français et anglais ? Vous avez un peu de temps devant vous ? Nous aimerions offrir une version française de notre code de conduite.

Si vous voulez participer à l'effort de , vous pouvez visiter ce lien et nous aider à le traduire:

Merci beaucoup !


Hey Community? How are you today?

If you have some time and energy, this week, we could use your input on two topics:

1. We're drafting our internal moderation rules. What do you think of our draft? What's missing? What could be improved?

2. We've started an open discussion to build 's future , what should we include in it?

Thank you for your help 💙

4 will take place next sunday (march 17th) at 18:00 UTC+1 🎉

Book that moment and join our discussions!

As of today, we have a Code of Conduct that will apply to all our community spaces (including GitLab, Matrix rooms, forums, etc.) 🎉

If you're a member of the community, please take a few minutes to read it. Thank you very much :)

Many thanks to @GinnyMcQueen and @gordon for their work on this document!

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The federated music server #funkwhale 1.18.2 is now available for the #yunohost self hosting platform. Give it a try!

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Performance, Mobile and Federation.

2/3 done. Going to ship remote following and remote posts in timelines later today #pixeldev

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Le sondage pour choisir la date de la prochaine 4 est en ligne, si vous souhaitez participer :! Tout est expliqué ici:

Comme la dernière fois, vous pouvez participer à la discussion via le chat si vous préférez ne pas utiliser l'audio. La discussion aura lieu en français, mais nous laisserons un temps avant la fin pour que les personnes ne parlant pas français puissent s'exprimer et participer :)

The date poll for 4 is out, if you wish to participate:! Everything is detailed here:

Like last time, you can get involved in the discussion via the text chat, if you'd rather not use audio. The meeting itself will be in french, but we'll leave room before the end to non-french speakers :)

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