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Dear Community,

We're migrating our forums to a new place, for reasons outlined here:

If you were using to get in touch with the Funkwhale community, you should now use instead :)

Thank you very much for reading and sharing!

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@marsxyz @funkwhale Yes there is:

There were a few requests to add support for it and I really liked it after trying it out.

Hello Community! As per our ongoing audit started by @GinnyMcQueen a few weeks ago, we know have a pretty clear overview of the weaknesses of the software, and possible solutions to improve the situation:

We're going to start a an open poll this friday to have a clearer idea on each item priority and organize the development.

You have two remaining days to add your feedback to the thread in case we are missing anything :)

Thank you!

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@funkwhale To put it another way, you want a license for art that is compatible with the AGPL3, otherwise distribution becomes a bit of a problem: if the Art license is not compatible with the AGPL, you can't distribute the whole package, because AGPL can't be mixed with incompatible licenses.

This leaves you with either AGPL-compatible software licenses, or CC-BY-SA. There might be others, but these are the safest bets.

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@funkwhale AGPL3+CC-BY-SA work nicely together. CC-BY-SA is one-way compatible with (A)GPL3+ too:

Meaning, you can take a CC-BY-SA art and bundle it with GPL3 source, where the whole collection is under GPL3 (but lifted out, art is still CC-BY-SA).

The linked post seems to talk exactly about the Funkwhale case: creative work under CC-BY-SA being adapted and melded into source code covered by (A)GPL3.

(Sorry, not gonna join Loomio just to post this)

If you have some experience with licensing of non-code assets (e.g illustrations) in open-source projects, we'd like your feedback here:

Basically, since Funkwhale is AGPL licensed, what would be the best license for graphical assets that may be embedded in the software?

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Ce matin, on dessine des animaux marins pour @funkwhale 🐙 🐳 🐠

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I just found out that a rapper I've been listening to for years has released his last three albums as #CreativeCommons nc-by-sa. (The licence information is in the notes for each song.)
Someone who runs a #Funkwhale instance might want to add his #music to their instance.
#Rap #CHH #HipHop #FreeCulture

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Hey, y’all, come join the @funkwhale community and project, in which preventing abuse is more important that technical features. We’re building a collective around it, feel free to join, at least to discover who we are and what we do

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@lambda_meadow @GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale yes. We even have written this in the code of conduct (, that applies to all contributors. People that don’t respect this code of conduct are not welcome in our community, and we will do anything to protect the people that actually want to work together with human values

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you are confusing freedom with opression.
racism is not freedom, it's opression.
And if you use this opression, you're taking part in taking others freedom away.

@funkwhale is freesoftware.

But free as in freedom, not opressive as in racism.

I'm glad that I could help you to overcome your logical fallacy. It's sometimes difficult to see them by ourself.

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@lambda_meadow @GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale hey you know what? The Funkwhale project actually hired Ginny for that. So feel free to open an issue explaining how you want this project to be less inclusive and more toxic on the sole fact that kindness and empathy could hurt your masculinity, my dude. I'll wait

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Hello there!

If you enjoy and want to support us, we accept donations on our page. The money will pay hosting fees and project contributors :)

If financial donations are not an option for you, there are plenty other ways to give back to the project!

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@funkwhale will allow purging missing "in place imported files" in the next release \o/ Thanks @eliotberriot and all the funkwhale community for your work 🎶 🐋

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