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Dear , I've opened a discussion on our forum to coordinate the work being done.

Part of this include appointing one or more reviewers (~referent) for each language. Reviewers have a special permission in Weblate that let them approve other translators suggestions.

If you've been contributing actively to Funkwhale translations, you can easily become a reviewer for your language(s) by dropping your name here:

Thank you!

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Dear translators,

I just freezed translation strings for the 0.18 and pushed them to our weblate instance. I've also enabled three new languages (Esperanto, Russian and Galician) since those were either completely or almost completely translated.

There are alot of new strings, and you'll have at least a full week (but possibly more, since we're aiming for a release during the month) to translate new content.

Thank you so much for your involvement!

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So I've made two things : a #Funkwhale #NixOS package , and a video (in bad english) where I show how to deploy it to a small Hetzner cloud server @funkwhale

During the meeting, we agreed to proceed to the creation of a legal entity for Funkwhale. It's quite ambitious, but we're aiming for a launch by February!

Sync 2 went quite good! If you want to know what was discussed, I've published the meeting notes, and there is also an audio recording of the session (in french though):

Sync will start in 35 minutes. We're going to use Mumble as our mean of communication, details and instruction for joining the meeting can be found here: :)

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@mbajur @prismo looks down, is there anything I can do to help you troubleshot the issue?

Funkwhale Sync #2 will take place this Sunday, at 18:00. Agenda and details about the meeting can be found at

See you Sunday :)

I'd like to redesign (the project website), and just started a discussion about that at

Ever felt frustrated by It's time to voice your concerns and ideas!

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And we are now back up, I apologize for the trouble ! is currently down, this is a DNS issue likely linked to the domain transfer.

I'll keep you informed when this is solved.

Linking an artist, album or track page (such as should now generate a preview card on OpenGraph compatible sites (such as Mastodon, Facebook, etc.)

You can now albums and individual tracks from into third party website (as long as you can insert an iframe into them and the embedded content is available publicly), as shown in the video below \o/

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