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Funkwhale, account deletion 

@ginny has been working with for more than 6 months now.

She helped designing new features, spin up our collective, maintaining our blog, ensuring our community is welcoming and safe, and plenty other things.

If you value the work we're doing with Funkwhale, please, please, consider subscribing to her Patreon. Any amount helps!

Thank you ❀️

Funkwhale, smart search [long post] 

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Funkwhale CLI, documentation 

Funkwhale, install script πŸŽ‰ 

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I'm looking for a few beta testers for the new donation/membership system for . If you have a credit card, two minutes and 1€ to spare, would you mind trying and confirm everything worked smoothly?

Also, if you want to become an member of the Funkwhale association, we could also use some testing of our signing up process at

You'll need to pay a minimum fee of 1€ for this one and fill in the membership form, so it's a bit more involved .

Let me now how it works for you, thanks ❀️

Also, if you like the work we're doing on and , please consider donating to @GinnyMcQueen because the amount of work of dedication she's putting in both project is incredible, seriously.

Hey, if you have a debian or ubuntu server and are willing to help the project and also have a Funkwhale instance, would you mind having a look at ?

It's a single shell script that should give you a fully functional instance within a few minutes.

I've personally tested it on Debian 9 and 10, but the more tests and feedback we get, the more robust and useful it will be!

Funkwhale, dev, tags 

Funkwhale, security, review wanted 

Funkwhale CLI 

Just updated 's blog. Took 1 minute with docker.

Great work, bravo team!

Funkwhale, allow-listing 

Retribute, the forum 

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Funkwhale, MRF 

Retribute, organization poll 

Retribute, PeerTube support 

Today, I'm getting back to work on dev after 18 days.

It's been a while :D

Retribute, Initial Proof of Concept 

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