So this is it, I'm closing this account for good. I won't use it anymore.

Follow my personal account at if you want to stay in touch (and only if we interacted).

And follow @agateblue for tech updates about and other software-related projects.

See you there!

Funkwhale, channels, federation 

Funkwhale, dev, podcasts, federation 

Funkwhale, dev, podcasts 

Funkwhale, dev, podcasts πŸŽ‰ 

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Funkwhale, dev, moderation 

So I've included a full example in the video, in which you see me:

1. Creating a channel on (the development server with the latest channels-related code,
2. Copy the channel username from the UI
3. Paste the username in's search bar
4. Browse the corresponding profile in (with the channel cover and description)
4. Follow the channel in Mastodon
5. Publish two tracks in the channel, in Funkwhale's UI
6. Observe the corresponding tracks being displayed in Mastodon, with proper title and hashtags
7. After a while (there's a small delay in Mastodon), you can see the embedded player to listen to the tracks directly in Mastodon

Levels of excitement are rising!

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Audio federation from to seem to work πŸŽ‰

And by work I mean: propely. Not with a bunch of hacks just to showcase it, like I did in december.

(posting more in a few minutes)

So, I come with great news!
Development of channels and for the next release is progressing, and we're now able to publish a feed for each Funkwhale channel.

This RSS feed means listeners will be able to subscribe to the corresonding channel using podcasting apps, like AntennaPod or VLC, even if they don't have a Funkwhale account.

If you are a podcast listener, would you mind trying to subscribe to the test feed linked below below from you typical podcasting app and let me know what works and what doesn't?

(you can also see the corresponding Funkwhale UI at, still a WIP)

One important thing: only the latest episode will play actual sound (the previous ones just have 1s of blank sound), that's expected.


So, in case people are wondering if can actually federate with other fedi software such as Mastodon, the answer is yes.

I've included a demo video below. Let me give you some context:

- I'm using an account on (to show you that it works with a current release of Mastodon)
- I'm using development version of Funkwhale runing on my local computer, hence the URL.

This is basic, but it's to show you we're no t lying when we're talking about federation with other fedi software.

Follows will work as well, I'll share a video as soon as it's ready.

I've stumbled upon this ebook today:

I bought it on a whim, because I had to pinpoint a lot of database performance issue in lately.

It's shorter than I expected, but I definitely learned some things.

If you're intertested in and perf (write efficient queries with/without the ORM, analyze query plans, optimize with defer, only, select_related, prefetch_related, F, Q, subqueries, indexes, etc.) you should probably give it a try.

I can send you my copy if we know each other also :)

To elaborate:

It's a full overhaul of the way we handle images (such as album covers) in .

It doesn't change anything at all for end users, but internally, the data model has changed completely.

Once it's reviewed and merged, it will make it possible to easily update album covers, add new images fields (e.g to tracks or artists), reference remote files, etc.

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If you want to try the navigation/player/queue redesign, that will land in the next release, you can do it at

I'd appreciate any constructive feedback you may have :)

(you can submit the feedback here or at

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The branch is still a WIP, but will get a navigation/sidebar redesign.

The idea is to reduce the sidebar width, remove some duplicates entry (and ditch the fixed top navigation completely), offer a dedicated "queue" view and provide an easy way to browse personal content/activity (via the new "My Library" section).

This last bit is important, because our users are regularly asking for a way to browse their own albums/artists/playlists without seing what's included in third-party libraries. It will now be possible!

There are lots of things to polish and fix before this is ready, but you can at least get an idea.

Also, you can try it yourself, by visiting, and clicking the "View app" link under the first post (see screenshot)

Ginny has found a new place to live! If you like our work at , please consider helping her with the moving!

Thanks ❀

Dans le cadre du festival Portes Ouverts Consolat, Je serai ce week-end avec @Sloppy et @eda au 59 rue du Coq, Γ  Marseille, si vous voulez venir discuter cuisine vΓ©gΓ©tale, logiciel libre et/ou :3

Funkwhale, small goodie to wait before podcasts are actually supported 

It's been in my mind for months, and I finally had the energy this morning!

Here is a proposal to add a new "Credits" page page at to mention all the third-party projects and initiatives that make possible.

I've included some screenshots in this post, but you can alse review/test the proposal at (basically go to and click "Credits" in the footer)

By the way, if you have think some projects/links are missing, just tell me (my mind got blurry after 50 or so :p)

Funkwhale, landing and about page redesign 

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