Dark pattern when trying to disable advertising on Forbes.com: In a nutshell make your disable awfully slow or broken.

When refusing the cookies on forbes.com, it shows you a "progress bar" that is supposed to indicate that your preferences are recorded.

It never goes beyond 44%.

Véganisme, en marche 

Retribute, PSA 

Retribute, PSA 

Retribute, PeerTube support 

Retribute, PeerTube support 

Subtoot gentil 

Hello Fedi!

The first iteration of the app is now officially ready 🎉


It's a web application that connect to your Mastodon account(s) and suggest you creators to tip based on your activity.

If you enjoy the concept or have some feedback, please let me know!

You can also find more about the app and how it works on the about page: app.retribute.me/about

Retribute, Initial Proof of Concept 

Spéciale dédicasse... 

Bon alors j'avoue que j'ai ri en voyant ça dans un channel Matrix ce matin.

Ça m'a pris par surprise.

Funkwhale dev, CLI 

Funkwhale dev, CLI 

Funkwhale dev, cli 

By the way, if you have a instance, it would be really helpful for the project if you registered it on network.funkwhale.audio (simply add your domain in the form).

We only collect anonymized data that is available on the Nodeinfo endpoint (e.g funkwhale.eliotberriot.com/api), and you can disable the data collection anytime from your instance settings, as shown in the picture below.

I spent quite some time reworking on network.funkwhale.audio /dashboards

Graphs previously contained inaccurate data, so I fixed that, and also included new graphs and stats.

What do you think about it? 😀


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