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Bon, je suis enfin rentré de chez moi après ce week-end effréné au Fosdem.

J'ai rencontré des gens bien et vu des conférences intéressantes. Mais surtout rencontré des gens bien. Bisous et coeurs sur vous.

Aussi, les feux de circulation de Bruxelles sont engagés politiquement, c'est une démarche intéressante je trouve.

I'm currently in the "Decentralized internet / privacy" room, in good company :)

(Featuring some business cards for Funkwhale made by a friend)

I wish you a nice week-end!

This new radio leads to interesting suggestions (artists I know and artists I never heard):

It's based on a really simple algorithm: we start from a given track, a and grab all the tracks that people played *after* this one. Then we pick a random track among those (with higher weight for more popular tracks).

Rinse and repeat.

The whole thing took less than 100 lines of code to write (tests included) and works suprising well!

Thank you @gordon for the idea :3

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Je le sens bien ce questionnaire, une question sur deux j'éclate de rire

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