It's been a while since my last post on the subject, but here are some exciting news about : the is actually usable now, as shown in the video below:

1. We follow another instance
2. We scan it's library
3. We import some tracks from it
4. We play those tracks from our own instance

You can't imagine how happy I am to see this actually working, after weeks working on the protocol/invisible stuff!

So, what's next?

First, there are still some things to implement, especially, right now, we're importing by hand, but it can be completely automated. I have to work on that part.

Also, the front-end part to administrate the federation still miss some features/views.

This should be done by the next release though!

Also, on the example video, the files are never hosted on your instance unless you listen to them. Basically, the first time you listen to a federated track, the track is downloaded from the source instance and cached on your instance.

It's removed after a configurable duration, meaning you can federate with a lot of instance without eating to much disk space.

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