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Eliot Berriot @eliotberriot

The number of users on Mastodon is stabilizing around 700k users. We've seen only a 10% growth in user count over the last month.

Fewer users are joining us, and some instances are even disappearing from the network.

We don't necessarily *need* growth, though, but remember to keep this place warm, welcoming and open, as new people means new blood, new ideas and more fun 😺

Cheers to all of you !


@eliotberriot but if we do some marketing placeent for mastodon ? We can help mastodon to growth up again ?

@Lezarius as many people are joining the network to escape the marketing hell from the birdsite and other centralized / ad-funded networks, I think we may end up killing the network if we push it too aggressively.

I've always been leaning toward passive attraction : if we offer something (decentralization, data control, no tracking, good UX...) you cannot find elsewhere, people will joing us.

Having big users on other networks switching to Mastodon would help though !

@eliotberriot Im not saying to do some "official commercial ad" but do some blogpost, youtube tutoral maybe ?

@Lezarius oh sorry, I misunderstood you.

You're right : the network really kicked in in France when bloggers start talking about it.

@eliotberriot with 'only' 10 % growth, there'l be over 2 million users in a year.


yeah it's not that bad in itself, but it's slowly tending to zero at the moment. (see mastodon.xyz/users/Sp3r4z/upda for example)

@eliotberriot But... but... this lack of growth will be terrible for the stock prices! MUST MARKET HARDER!! 🤤


Sell, sell everything you've got ! Buy Bitcoin instead !

@eliotberriot mmmm, new bloooood

tasty and nutritious

i mean ideas, the ideas are


@natecull we have to keep them coming, for people like you :D