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@eliotberriot Let's get rid of Spotify, Deezer and iTunes! 🔥

@lunar @eliotberriot the big problem is copyright holders and all other similar parasites that can DMCA the shit out of you and your hosting provider. The system needs to be extremely robust against them. Can probably be achieved with WebTorrent, the way PeerTube uses it but for audio. Some careful design choices need to be made.

@grishka I'm probably missing something, but what's the benefit of using WebTorrent (or any other P2P technology) for serving audio when it comes to be robust against abusive DMCA requests?

@eliotberriot makes it harder to track down the source of the file.

@grishka At the technical level, yes, but the webserver hosting the file seeds it anyway, and acts as a tracker (which are typically taken down really fast unless I'm mistaken), so I'm not sure how much a protection it is in practice

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