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@eliotberriot Let's get rid of Spotify, Deezer and iTunes! πŸ”₯

What @lunar said! But why stop there? Live video stream relay/rss would simultaneously eliminate YT and Twitch ✊ Counting on the inimitable #funkwhale team for this, long-stalled request on PeerTube.

@kylebronsdon @lunar I'd rather have the people from PeerTube working on this, we have absolutely no experience working with video, so doing it in Funkwhale would mean learning everything, and recoding everything from scratch, basically ;)

Ah, I beg your pardon, it was *audio* live stream! They crossed in my mind because I relay an Icecast audio-only variation with my live video stream, so would be more than good enough for me :)

It's the LIVE aspect that is so critical for performing artists, so many forced to YT and Twitch - I imagine podcasters would appreciate live capability as well - in my experience (13 year stream!), music has the opposite appeal of podcasting in that respect: Listeners uninterested in archived performance.

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