Audio federation from to seem to work 🎉

And by work I mean: propely. Not with a bunch of hacks just to showcase it, like I did in december.

(posting more in a few minutes)

So I've included a full example in the video, in which you see me:

1. Creating a channel on channels.tests.funkwhale.audio (the development server with the latest channels-related code, dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/)
2. Copy the channel username from the UI
3. Paste the username in Mastodon.social's search bar
4. Browse the corresponding profile in (with the channel cover and description)
4. Follow the channel in Mastodon
5. Publish two tracks in the channel, in Funkwhale's UI
6. Observe the corresponding tracks being displayed in Mastodon, with proper title and hashtags
7. After a while (there's a small delay in Mastodon), you can see the embedded player to listen to the tracks directly in Mastodon

Levels of excitement are rising!

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@gordon This one is meant for channels, but we could probably adapt it for libraries!

@shad ouais hein ! toutes les briques commencent à s'emboiter, ça comment à ressembler à quelques choses cette feature :D

@eliotberriot j'ai hâte que ça tombe sur mon instance du coup :blobuwu:

@shad alors si tu te sens d'humeur béta testeuse, ça devrait attérir sur la branche de développement d'ici la semaine prochaine

(sachant que contrairement à ce qu'on pourrait supposer, elle est vraiment plutôt stable !)

Mais je me rappelle plus si tu es sur YunoHost, si c'est le cas, la branche de dev sera pas dispo

Fantastic! :ablobattentionreverse: :ablobkeyboard:
Hopefully this will work with #pleroma too!
@eliotberriot I just don't dig how to share funkwhale stuff with a non-funkwhale federated account. Or how to interact with Funkwhale postings using my non-funkwhale federated account.
I'm using Friendica and it's no problem to interact with e.g. your mastodon account, but with Funkwhale it's not working(?).
I din't eaven find any federated board to place such questions.
Do you have any Idea?
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